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What is eBay international standard delivery?

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Closing down

eBay International Standard Delivery is closing down by July 2023, It will be replaced with The eBay International Shipping Program – Source

International Standard Delivery was:

Many sellers on will offer international delivery or shipping to many countries around the world. It is easy to find items for sale that will ship to your country, check out our guide to eBay’s international shipping, we even made a, rather bad, video!

EBay sellers who are located in the USA or UK, can take advantage of eBay’s Global Shipping Program, something else we have written about before. This invloves the seller sending your item to a eBay shipping centre and then eBay organise delivery the final leg to your international destination.

eBay international Standard Delivery

When you view an item for sale or auction on the platform it is easy to see the estimated shipping costs and whether they are likely to ship to your country. The details are located right under the price and buy buttons. See the image below.

In this instance it tells me that Standard International Shipping is $2.30 USD and the equivalent amount in my currency. This is also where details of any import fees and taxes that might be due are. All customs fees are paid at checkout.

What are eBay International Standard Delivery costs?

Outside the Global Shipping Program

If the seller is not using the Global Shipping Program, then shipping or delivery costs are set by the seller to reflect the cost of the courier or the shipping company delivering the item to your address. It is worth noting that import fees and taxes may be payable, and it is up to the buyer to settle these as the item reaches the border.

Seller using Global Shipping Program

If the seller is using eBay Global Shipping Program, then international standard shipping costs are set by eBay from their warehouse to your address. You will be reqired to make two payments, the first to cover the cost of shipping from the seller to the Global Shipping Centre and another amount to cover the international delivery and will also include an amount to cover import fees and taxes due at the border.

The Global shipping program ensures that:

  • Worldwide delivery can be made
  • Tracking is available
  • Customs fees are settled before the item reaches the border

eBay International Standard Delivery Cost

The price of the international standard delivery or shipping will vary on your destination and the location of the eBay shipping location, the UK or USA. The estimated cost of shipping is shown on the listing in the box below the price as shown on the image above.

Mexico and China

Buyers with a shipping address in Mexico can select international shipping with Estafeta, and buyers with a shipping address in China can select HDB International Shipping Services when purchasing eligible items.

For Sellers

It is easy for sellers to use the global shipping program and select which countries to ship to. Details of the program can be found on eBay here.






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