How to resolve an international shopping dispute with PayPal.

One of the best ways to protect yourself when buying something from an online retailer with worldwide shipping is to pay using a credit card or a payment provider like PayPal. These methods of payment provide you with a certain amount of protection such as insurance against failed delivery or broken goods, and a payment provider can help you with a dispute such as the PayPal Resolution Center.

Find out what is the best way to resolve your dispute with a seller if you have paid using PayPal.

 The PayPal Resolution Center, how does it work?

If you have a problem with your transaction with a vendor and have paid using your PayPal account you should contact the seller and politely try and get it resolved. If this line has failed you can use the PayPal Resolution Center. This is a type of mediation service where you and the seller can communicate together through the PayPal website to work together to find an amicable and agreeable resolution.

If you are unable to reach a resolution by speaking with each other you can escalate the dispute to a claim and PayPal can investigate and decide upon the outcome for you.

You can use the resolution center for up to 180 days after you have paid for the item.

1. Open communication with PayPal.

Start communicating with the seller to establish your problem with the transaction and ask for a resolution with them directly. Most disputes are resolved this way

2. What are the possible outcomes?

It might be that delivery is late and that the seller will arrange delivery or chase up the courier for you.

The seller may be out of stock, if this is the case they can offer you an extension or a full refund.

The seller may not wish to communicate with you.

3. Next Steps.

If you still need to wait for delivery you should wait until the delivery date is due. If you receive your goods, and are satisfied, all well and good.

If you choose to wait for new stock and a later delivery, but it doesn’t turn up you have 20 days in which to escalate the dispute to a claim.

If the seller refuses to communicate with you, you should escalate the dispute to a claim.

4. How do I start a PayPal claim?

If you have exhausted the dispute route, or you need to escalate to a claim, you should do so as soon as possible. It should be done within 20 of opening a dispute, all dispute close after 20 days and are not possible to re-open.

If you start a claim, you are asking PayPal to investigate, review the evidence and make a judgement or ruling on the claim. This is done in accordance with PayPal’s terms and conditions.


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