Information about MyInternationalShopping.com


This website was born out of a desire to find a wider range of shops whilst living for an extended period in New Zealand.

We discovered that many shops from around the world will deliver internationally, some for free, or at least for less than you might think! This meant we could continue to purchase products we were used to buying in the UK, but could not find locally, and also find things that were in local shops cheaper. 

The aim is to provide a directory of shops with international shopping that deliver worldwide. We want to help others to find what they want to buy from the best shops online. The hope is that this website will:

  • List as many quality websites with international shopping as possible
  • Provide delivery and returns information
  • Allow shoppers to write reviews about their experiences 

In doing this, we hope that shoppers will be able to make informed buying decisions, and discover new shops and products that, perhaps, weren’t available to them before.

Happy international shopping!

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