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Compare parcel or package forwarders fees here. This is sponsored by where you can compare shipping costs as well.

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Ships from



USA, UK, Canada




$10 off

20% off first shipment

Free account






Premium account


Gold $9.99pm, Platinum $49.99pm



Processing fee




Consolidation fee



Free, $2, $1


Premium accounts only

Repackaging fee



Premium accounts only

Photo fees



$5 for 3

$5 for 1


Free for 7 days

Free 45 days

Free 7 days

Free 30 days

Premium accounts only


From $3

$3/$100 $6min

2% total cost




Shipito are a parcel forwarder based in the US and ship all over the world from their warehouses in California and Oregon, where you can save on US sales tax. They have a warehouse in Austria for quick shipping to Europe.


Stackry are based in Nashua, New Hampshire which means you don’t have to pay any USA sales tax on purchases forwarded to you by them.


Reship has a US warehouse in the sales tax free city of Portland, Oregon. They also have a Canadian warehouse in British Columbia and one in Milton Keynes, UK.


Opas is based in Portland, Oregon, USA and therefore you won’t have to pay sales tax if you use them to forward your parcels to them overseas.


MyUS are from Florida and have a large warehouse there for your package forwarding needs. They ship to about 200 countries and purchases from them are sales tax free.

What is a package forwarder?

A package forwarder is a bit like a middleman. If you wish to buy something from a different country like the United States but you are based in another country, you can buy the product you want online and have it sent to the package forwarder based in the US, they will then send it on to you ate your address overseas.

They allow for international shopping when otherwise it is not available or too expensive. They can save you shipping costs as they have deals with all the main delivery couriers. You can also potentially save money by using their consolidation or repackaging services.

These services mean that your shopping can be combined into one package or repacked into a smaller parcel which means lower shipping fees.

Find the Cheapest package forwarder

Use the table above to quickly and easily compare various fees and costs which you may be charged if you wish to have a parcel forwarded to you internationally.

You can also use the website to compare shipping costs from the couriers that the parcel forwarders use.


We try to be as accurate as possible and the costs and fees are accurate at the time of publication. They may change, we will endeavor to keep them up-to date. The data should be used as a guide and confirmed on the forwarders website before using.

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  1. What is parcel forwarding?

    Package forwarding, also called Parcel forwarding is an international shipping service offered to international online shoppers who want to do cross-border online shopping.
    A parcel forwarding service allows you to shop at any online store, deliver the item to a US or UK address, and forward it to your location.
    Parcel forwarding service is also known as package forwarding, Mail forwarding or forwarding service.

    A parcel forwarding service allows you to shop at any online store, deliver the item to a US, UK or any country given local address, and forward it to your location.

    Parcel Forwarding companies offer you a US, UK, EUROPE, Australia or Asian countries Address after sign up, that is free (depending on the company) Your purchases can be shipped to the address from the online store of your choice, and from there will be forwarded to your address.

    What is parcel forwarding used for?
    Parcel forwarding is mostly used for online shopping in another country via websites that don’t deliver directly to your country. It also saves on shipping costs when you combine multiple shipments into one parcel.
    For instance, US online stores are popular worldwide, but some of them only ship to US addresses or their international shipping rates are prohibitive. US package forwarding services help international shoppers with shipping their purchases from the US to their home address or help them place a direct order with the US retailers if they do not have a US Billing address.

    Is parcel forwarding safe?

    Yes, most parcel forwarding companies are safe. All the services provided on our post are verified. However, there are some services which are scam. You should either check with us before using them or read online reviews for these services. It’s relatively safe and reliable, especially when dealing with a reputable company. That’s why checking customer reviews on a particular company before subscribing to their service is advisable. Avoid companies whose offer sounds too good to be accurate and have very few or poor ratings.
    How much does a parcel forwarding service cost?

    Most are free to sign up. However, they all have some service charges or the other. If you are an avid shopper and have a lot of online shopping to do, then using them saves money. The overall cost depends on the size of your parcel, weight, how many packages you combined etc.

    What is the cheapest package forwarding service?
    Deliveringparcel is the cheapest packages forwarding services in the US. As they offer no membership or monthly fees, tax-free shipping, and free 45-day package storage.
    Can I use a parcel forwarding company to avoid customs fees?
    When shipping internationally, the items are generally subject to customs charges. While you cannot avoid it, you can use package forwarding to minimize your custom fees since forwarding companies ship items in bulk.
    Most parcel forwarding companies will embed the custom fees in your total shipping fees, so you may not know you’re paying for it. Some also declare the charges per item on their website.
    Reshipping: –
    Reshipment is the process of replacing an order and shipping a new order to a customer a second time after the original shipment was incorrect, arrived damaged, was lost in transit, or any other reason that would require a replacement order.


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    Deliveringparcel is Providing Best International Shipping Service with best online Shipping providers Like Fedex UPS DHL USPS Royal Mail.
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    Deliveringparcel provides custom tailored Services to International shoppers and expats while shipping .
    · Repackaging
    · Package consolidation
    · Custom Declaration
    · Removal of prohibited items
    · Instore Purchasing
    · Shipping labels generation
    · Postage Printing
    · Pick and Packer

    Deliverinparcel provides Services from
    · US to UK Parcel Forwarding Services
    · UK to USA Parcel Forwarding Services
    · Australia to USA Parcel Forwarding Services
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    · Spain to USA Parcel Forwarding Services
    · Malaysia to Europe Parcel Forwarding Services

    How to Use Parcel Forwarding Services ?
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