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ASOS: How to change currency

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ASOS allows you to pay in many different currencies. The country that you select to shop from denotes which payment currencies are available to you. The website is available at and you can also shop on their smartphone app.

How do I change currency on ASOS website?

This is the currency changer preference option
  1. To change your currency: Click on the flag icon located in the top right corner of the page. This will display the currency options for your country in the “Currency” section.
  2. Select your country: Choose from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select your currency: If multiple currencies are available and displayed, select the currency you wish to have displayed on the website and you wish to pay in.
  4. Browse the shop.

How do I change currency on the ASOS App?

From settings select currency on the app

Here are the steps to change the currency on the ASOS mobile App:

  1. Open the App: Launch the mobile App on your smartphone or device.
  2. Access Account Settings: On the iOS App, tap into the ‘My Account’ section, and locate the settings icon positioned at the top right corner of the screen. For the Android App, open the left-hand menu to find the settings panel.
  3. Choose Country and Currency: Within the settings, you will find options to select the country you want to browse from and the currency you prefer for shopping.
  4. Select Currency: Tap on the currency option and choose the desired currency from the available list.
  5. Save Changes: After selecting the currency, save the changes to apply the new currency settings.
  6. Start Shopping: Now, you can browse the ASOS App with the selected currency, and all prices will be displayed accordingly.

Please note that the currency options may vary depending on the country you’re browsing from.

Multi Currency Options

  • Currency options: The currencies available for placing an order depend on the country you are shopping from.
  • Displayed prices: If multiple currencies are available, all prices on the website will be shown in the currency you have selected.
  • Charged currency: When making a payment for your order, you will be charged in the currency you have chosen. If your payment card is registered with a different currency, your bank will convert the price using their exchange rate.

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