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Apple Pay: How to add Money and other Answers

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Apple Pay is a secure and cashless way to pay for stuff at shops by using your iPhone or mobile phone. Basically it stores your credit and debit cards to your Wallet and when you come to pay for something you use your phone at the payment terminal rather than your card. iPhones, iPads and Watches are all eligible devices for Apple Pay, and you will need the latest version of iOS (iOS14).

Here is our guide to the most common queries that arise when using Apple Pay.

How to add money to Apple Pay

Apple Pay is not a bank account and so it is not possible to add money directly to Apple Pay, for that you will need to use Apple Cash. It stores the details of your bank cards, in your Wallet, which are used to pay for stuff at participating shops and services. Therefore to add money to Apple Pay you need to add money to your own bank account or payment cards, or reduce the balance of your credit card.

Adding cards to Apple pay is as easy as tapping on Wallet and then Add Card. This can be done on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards from participating issuers are eleigible to use, as well as Apple’s own Apple Card which is a Mastercard.

Apple Cash is a money holding service in your Wallet, it is possible to add money to Apple Cash. This is done from the cards that you have stored in your Wallet. Open Wallet, tap your Apple Cash card, enter the amount to transfer and the card you want to send the money from, the minimum transfer is $10.

How to transfer money from Apple Pay to your bank

This can only be done from Apple Cash within your Wallet to your bank account.

In order to transfer your cash you will need to open Wallet,:

  1. Select Apple Cash card
  2. Tap the more button and transfer to bank
  3. Enter an amount
  4. Tap instanat trasfer

Your money should be transferred with 30 minutes. If you wish to make a transfer in 1-3 bsiness days, select the 1-3 business days option during the transfer.

How to pay with Apple Pay

Once you have added your payment cards into your Wallet you are able to use Apple Pay to pay for things. There are two ways to pay with your iPhone at a payment terminal in a shop:

  1. Pay with Face ID
    Double click the side button to pay with your default payment card.
    Glance at your iPhone to authenticate Face ID.
    Hold your iPhone over the contactless reader until a blue checkmark appears symbolising the transaction is done.
  2. Pay with Touch ID
    To pay with your default card, touch Touch ID.
    Hold you iPhone, or enabled device, over the contactless card reader.

It is possible that some reader will also require you to enter a passcode when prompted.

If you are paying on your Apple Watch, you will need to select your default card by double tapping the side button and then holding the Watch over the reader, you will feel a little nudge when the transaction completed.

In Japan you can use the Suica card that’s set as your Express Transit card, simply by holding the top of your iPhone near the payment reader.

How to send money through Apple Pay

It is possible send and receive money with friends by using Apple Pay. This is done through the Messages app.

To send money to one of your conatcts in Messages using Apple Pay, you will need to:

  1. Start a new conversation by opening the Messages app.
  2. Tap the Apple Pay button.
  3. Enter the amount of money you wish to send.
  4. Tap Pay.
  5. Confirm the transaction with Face ID, Touch ID or your passcode.

You can respond to a request for money, if you accept money sent to you, you can use it to pay for stuff using Apple Pay or transfer it to your bank account.

How to cancel Apple Pay

To cancel Apple Pay, you will need to remove your cards from your Wallet.

To cancel a a transfer from Apple Cash to one of your contacts in Messages. Cancelling a transfer can only be done if the other person has nt accepted the money. Tap on the conversation and the amount, Apple Wallet will open, under latest transactions tap the amount twice and select cancel payment. If the person ha already accepted the amount you should ask for it back or else open a dispute with Apple.

To cancel a payment from one of your cards stored in your Wallet if you paid by Apple Pay, speak with the card issuer or your bank to cancel.

How to get a refund when I return an item bought with Apple Pay.

If you’ve taken an item back to the store the procedure is similar to a refund to you bank card. At the shop, with the cashier, open your Wallet and select the bank card you used to purchase the item, hold your iPhone or watch over the reader and authorise the refund.

How to accept Apple Pay at my shop.

In order to acept Apple Pay in your store you will need an eligible contactless payment point-of-sale  terminal, this is provided by a payment provider.







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