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Worldwide shopping: Guitar shops with international shipping.

We have researched and investigated a large number of musical instrument shops selling guitars, from all over the world, with international shipping and it is our opinion based on breadth and depth of guitars for sale and the amount of countries worldwide that they ship to that is our top pick.

Top Pick

We’ve selected as our top pick for guitar shops with international shipping Why? Not only do they have a huge selection of guitars, including their own brand, they ship to 200 countries and offer a range of delivery services, shipping is also available for free over a certain amount for some countries.

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Buy a guitar with international shipping

Everyone the world over wants to be a rock star and guitars are a product that are easy to find in the shops with a great many brands available it is easy to find the one you want to buy.

Here is our roundup of foreign music and guitar shops and instrument stores from overseas that ship internationally.

We have investigated many different musical instruments shops worldwide and have found what we believe to be the best selection of those that offer worldwide delivery.

Many of the top shops that sell guitars are either in the USA or Europe – Germany and the UK appear to have the best selection.

Are comparison takes into account range of guitars available the prices and the level of service for international shipping. We haven’t taken into account things such as import duty and taxes, as these vary from country to country and even between products, so you will have to check these out for yourself as part of your research when choosing which shop to buy from.

Firstly we discovered many online guitar shop don’t offer international shipping. Shops such as offer international shipping, have a good lineup of Fender American professional guitars don’t offer international shipping either.  Other stores such as claim to offer international shipping but you need to get in touch with them prior to making your order.

We have intentionally only included shops that fully display their international shipping policies – cost and times – clearly on their website.

List of guitar shops with international delivery

1. (Guitars)

A good place to start is the USA behemoth, known to be great for international shipping and they claim to be Earth’s biggest store, so have a large selection of musical instruments and guitars. As you might expect Amazon international have a large selection of electric guitars acoustic guitars and classical guitars including a list of Gibson’s Les Paul. Will most of the guitars we looked at international shipping to a large number of countries was available.

As you know Amazon though it is often up to the individual sellers as to whether or not to offer worldwide delivery.  The link, from Amazon Global, we have included should display all guitars eligible for international shipping.


Next online guitar shops from Germany and is called They came to the Europe biggest musical instrument shop and have a large range of guitars Including ukuleles and bluegrass instruments. Handily when you click on a range of instruments you’re interested they display the top 10 sellers so it is easy to see what others are buying.

The Thomman website is clear and easy to use and they have support team members email addresses in clear View so it is easy to ask questions to find what you are looking for There is also a hot deal section where you can see what is on offer across the range of instruments which includes amps, accessories, drum kits, and any musical instruments you can think of.

International shipping is available to most countries in the world and they clearly display the prices and times on their website.The offer a flat rate which differs according to the Country you want delivery to do and they will also offer free shipping if you spend over a certain amount.

For instance shipping to India or Pakistan is a flat rate €50 fee and will take 9 to15-20 working days. Australia will cost €50 and take 7-10 working days. Shipping guitars to the EU Europe on average costs about €20 And will take about 3 to 6 working days but varies according to country.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Bank transfer and even cash on delivery is available in some countries.


A shop from the UK this time, called  they have recently floated on the stock market in London and this is giving them the Investment they need to grow their international sales.  so they’re international shipping policy is very strong and they ship to nearly 200 countries.

Guitar include all makes and models and many brands I’ve never heard of and such things as left-handed guitars and guitars for kids. Brands include Brian May guitars,  the great Queen guitarist, Ibanez, ESP and many others.

They offer different levels of International shipping including  standard service  and Express service although that is not available to all countries. Costs are a little bit more difficult to work out, but transit times have clearly stated on the shipping page. they ship to most countries Asia, Australia the Middle East, Europe and North America included.They have individual country sites in different languages but these are mainly European.

The offer free returns and a 30 day money back guarantee as standard. Gear4Music take payment using credit or debit cards, PayPal, and they even offer finance. They have a TrustPilot rating of 9.5 from over 27,000 ratings.


Another shop from the US is They claim to be the world’s largest instrument  retailer and serve customers worldwide.

As the others may have a huge guitars and other musical instruments. Their international shipping policy is not as comprehensive as some of the others but they still do ship to 100 countries worldwide and you can choose which currency to pay in, which includes the Pakistan Rupee, the Singapore Dollar, South African Rand and many many hours.

International shipping is fulfilled for a third party called which enables them to ship to most countries in the world. They clearly state on their website that’s some manufacturers don’t allow them to ship their products overseas so not all will be available worldwide.

To conclude we believe that the above shops offer a good range and selection of guitars that can easily be bought online with worldwide delivery. There are other shops and we would recommend using eBay if you can’t find what you’re looking for if the shop you have found doesn’t offer international shipping then you may need to consider using a package forwarder and overseas shopping address company ( we have taken a look at various US shopping address companies here). Our top pick is Gear4Music from the UK which offer shipping to over 200 countries.

Shipping a guitar.

If you wish to know about how to pack and ship a guitar read our guide here.






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