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Top baby clothes shops with international shipping

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Buying kids and baby clothes online is very popular around the world, with many many options available to new mums or those wishing to buy the new arrival a gift. Here we take a look at 8 international shops that sell baby clothes. We believe that the pick of the crop is Mothercare, the UK based baby and toddler clothing store which delivers worldwide.

When it comes to shopping for the little ones, every parent is very cautious. Parents want their children to look the best and have all the kinds of clothes that money can buy. They like dressing up their children in beautiful attires and then smile with pride when someone compliments them. For that to happen, they need to have a plethora of clothing options available to them. There are some online shops that provide high-quality baby clothes at fewer prices. The best part about them is that they even ship internationally. Here is the list of five best shops for baby clothes with international shipping.

Here is a list of 12 of the best baby clothes stores online, all offer international shipping. Many are from the USA and the UK.

1. JoJo Maman Bebe

JoJo Maman Bebe sell very cute baby clothes and deliver internationally. They’ve been around 25 years and have a chain of about 100 stores around the UK, Ireland and the US. Their style is classic with lots of great stylish bold motifs. International shipping is not cheap though with a base cost of around £20. But most regions i the world are available for delivery.

2. Mothercare at

With a fast delivery time of 8 to 12 days online, Mothercare is an excellent brand to show your love for the little one and the mother. The original franchise was opened in the United Kingdom but the online website ships internationally. Even though Mothercare doesn’t accept any other currency apart from pounds, it is the best shop when it comes to purchasing baby clothes, they have collaborations with designers such as MY K by Mylene Klass.

It also provides the feature of the express delivery system for the mothers who just can’t wait to dress up their little ones in the newly bought clothes. The returns can be easily made worldwide within 28 days of the purchase if you are not satisfied. Mothercare is the best way to show expecting mothers and little ones that you care about them. They have a great selection of the essentials too, such as bodysuits and sleepsuits.

Mothercare is now sold exclusively through online.

3. Boden

Boden is a modern British retailer oozing with style and panache. They have a good kids and baby section and ship overseas. They offer clothing in most styles and categories including a good newborn section.

International shipping is fulfilled by Global-e, and free shipping is available if you order over a certain amount, which seems to be about £100 for most countries.

4. Disney Store

Disney is a brand that needs no introductions. Disney has several international websites which cater to various different countries. Whether you are from The USA, The United Kingdom, France, Germany etc, you can easily go to the website which is meant for your country and pays accordingly. Disney tends to deliver within 4 to 12 working days of the order places. The cost of the items varies with the shipping amount and the region chosen.

Disney Store sells official Disney merchandise, so all the latest and most popular movies, such as Moana, and Frozen and other Disney Princess styled clothing. There is the option of 30 days return policy if you don’t like the stuff by any chance. You can choose the mode of currency and order exciting magical Disney stuff for your child. Pump up your child’s imagination by keeping him or her in touch with the imaginary world of Disney. Unfortunately, though, there is no provision of an express delivery system.

5. Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson hails from Portland USA and was founded in 1983 by Gun Denhart from Sweden. Their design philosophy is based upon Swedish design principles encapsulation happiness and wellbeing, a bit like hygge. They sell beautifully patterened and coloured baby, toddler and children’s clothing. You can select your worldwide shipping destination from the box at the topright of their website.

Borderfree enable Hanna Andersson to ship overseas, they will deliver to about 80 countries, taxes and duty are arranged upfront minimising the delay at customs in your country and reducing the shipping time.

6. CWD Kids

CWD Kids is a brand based in America and it stands for cute well dressed kids!. Even though you don’t have the option of choosing the currency type, the store provides beautiful clothes for children which are fashionable and trendy. International shipping is available along with the express delivery facility. It ships in all the major countries like Africa, Asia, Europe, America etc.

The shipping time varies from 7 to 14 days, depending on the region selected. It also provides a return policy of 90 days. With CWD kids, you won’t have to search anymore for kids clothes. The store is full of unique clothing range from infant sizes to the pre-teen sizes. Whether it is seasonal themes or everyday wear, CWD kids are the one stop solution for baby clothing.

7. BabymaC

BabymaC store is based in The United Kingdom which provides stylish baby clothes for new born babies to 24 month-year-old babies. The quality of fabrics is supreme and the designs are from the best of the designers in Spain and it feels more like a baby boutique! You can choose the currency you want and place the order.

There is a facility of free international shipping when you shop for over €150 and it ships in major international countries. The shipping time ranges from 5 to 7 days and the return policy is 7 days. With such a fast service, you don’t need an express delivery option. BabymaC is the best store to find designer clothes for your child.

8. Carters

Carter’s Inc are a global brand that also owns OshKosh B’gosh. They have a good shoe selection as well as clothies and accessories for baby girls and baby boys.

Carter’s international delivery is provided by Borderfree, a popular choice for many retailers, this means that they ship to about 80 different countries. Shipping costs as well as any duty and taxes payable will be presented to you at checkout.

9. Abercrombie Kids

With the store originally based in the US, you can easily choose from a variety of clothes for your little one. The clothes provide excellent fit and look classy. You just need to select your location before searching for results and can choose from different languages and currencies for setting up your preferences.

The website provides all premium range clothes from such a big brand. The shipping time ranges between 7 to 21 days and is mostly free. With free international shipping, Abercrombie Kids provide comfortable clothes for children. Returning is easier and straightforward with the return label included in the shopping bag, which can be availed within 14 days.

10. eBay (Baby Category)

eBay is an amazing site which gives an option of buying and selling baby clothes. Originally based in the USA, eBay provides an option of international shipping at the discretion of the seller. The purchaser is the one who has to pay for the additional shipping costs that are required for the goods to get delivered on time. eBay offers you the facility of paying in your own currency. It also comes with express shipping for an extra charge and sometimes, some seller don’t even charge for shipping.

You can even filter the sellers that ship to your location and country and even select the sellers who ship internationally. eBay is one site where you can get plenty of kid clothing items with a lot of varieties. eBay even gives the chance of Global Shipping Program which helps in taking care of the worldwide delivery. The international return policy depends on the seller to seller. You can even sell your baby stuff on eBay or auction it for saving more money. You can find everything on eBay from clothes to prams to even toys. Depending on the seller, eBay provides free returns to the customers. The price is less for the amount of stuff you can have on eBay.

11. Amazon (Baby Category)

The logo of the brand itself indicates A to Z feeling which bears well with the website since the website tends to have everything you ever want. Originally based in The United States of America, Amazon is the world’s leading website for shopping. You can easily choose the currency you want to pay in. Amazon provides international shipping with Amazon Global where 65 countries take part in the initiative. Amazon ships to various countries from all over the world. When the order placed is over $125, and then you have the added benefit of availing the option of free international shipping. There is also an express delivery system available when it comes to Amazon.

Any item that qualifies for international shipping does come with a disclaimer about being available for shipping outside the US. This helps the customers in filtering the search results based on their own preferences. You can easily track your order and check for refunds. With a standard shipping of 11 to 14 days, the shipping range and money varies from place to place. There is a return policy of 30 days which makes it easier for the people to return the item if they are not satisfied. Amazon provides immediate refunds in 3 to 4 working days in your bank account. You don’t even need to pay for the import and duties when you shop from Amazon. When you buy clothing items for your baby, you need to go for Amazon since it is the most trustworthy and legitimate website that provides the largest variety of baby clothes and accessories.

12. Macys

Macy’s is a very famous departmental store from the United States which provide the service of international delivery. It is one of the US’s premier retailers which managed to make a sale of $25.778 billion in 2016. The delivery is enabled by Borderfree (who we have looked at in some detail before), which ensures delivery in about 100 countries all over the world, and means you can pay in many currencies and import duty is calculated and paid in advance.

With a shipping time that varies from 4 to 13 days, Macy’s deliver to major countries including Africa, Asia, Europe, America etc. With an excellent return policy, you can easily return your item to Macy’s within 180 days for a full refund. Macy’s is great because of the plethora of brands and options available for the new born. The best thing about Macy’s is that it offers various kind of clothing that is gentle on the baby’s skin and won’t harm him/her.



: Clothing, homeware, sports and lots of brands.

Customs duties not paid
: International returns within 28 Days
: Shipping from $10, varies for each country
: Free international shipping available
: Delivery time about 5-10 days
: Next ship to many countries all over the world, select your country, language and currency from their selector. Goods are shipped from the UK and have to be returned there to. They have a massive choice and sell lots of other brands as well as their own. .





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