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What are the new EU rules for cross border shopping?

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The EU is introducing new rules for online shopping parcel delivery between EU countries. These new rules will that MEPs proposed on 13th March 2018 aim to make cross border parcel delivery more transparent. The hope is that the cost of delivering international shopping from one member state to another will be cut.

The European Union has noted that there can be considerable costs for delivering shopping from an etailer between member states and has introduced this new ruling to try and cut the cost of sending international shopping from one country in the EU to another.

The example they have given is:

“For example sending a 2kg parcel from Belgium to Italy would cost €32.8 while the same package sent from the Netherlands to Italy would cost €13.”

 Their solution is to try and raise transparency in the delivery sector and inform consumers and retailers about international delivery. Their three points to achieving this aim are:

  • Consumers and e-retailers will have the possibility to check the list of prices and look for the best deals on a dedicated website
  • Courier services will have to provide customers with clear information on the delivery prices and conditions
  • National postal authorities will collect data from shipping companies to monitor the market and assess unreasonably high tariffs

 More information on parcel delivery in the EU can be found here.

We are yet to have the finer details of this directive, the name or location of the dedicated website or how couriers are expected to display their full prices and terms and conditions but, anything that makes international shopping cheaper is a good thing.






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