M&S: Archive by Alexa

Alexa Chung is to collaborate with Marks and Spencer to curate a new special collection of women’s clothing inspired by their archive. Archive by Alexa which was announced exclusively by Vogue.co.uk will be made up of 31 ready to wear items and be ready to launch in April 2016.

Alexa Chung, model and Television presenter, best known amongst fashionistas and fashion magazine readers as a genuine style icon has announced that she will work with M&S, one of the UK’s most famous high street clothing and department stores to launch a new line of clothing.

Archive by Alexa is inspired by some of the many items in Marks and Spencer’s archive, but will use modern materials and techniques to recreate them for the present day.

“It was so fun to be given the keys to the M&S archive and such a treat to get to cherry pick the very best of their vast collection of pieces” Chung told Vogue.co.uk

Chung will also design and front the marketing campaign to launch and promote the clothes when they launch. This is the first of a new line of collaborations that M&S will work on called M&S&….

Marks and Spencer offer international delivery on selected items, mostly clothes and some homeware to many different countries. Free international delivery is available for shipping to selected countries including Australia, Canada, NZ and the USA for spends over $50.

You can find out more about Archive by Alexa at this link: http://www.marksandspencer.com/s/women/alexa-chung?intid=hp_SL_latestnews

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