International shopping, the new spice route?

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PayPal and Neilsen Research have just produced a report into cross border shopping in 6 markets around the world. Neilsen analysed the behaviour over 6000 consumers in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, China and Brazil who shopped at overseas websites with the previous 12 months.

What did they find? – Well their findings are interesting and, perhaps not entirely surprising. Here is a breakdown of some of the figures for international shopping

$105 Billion is the value of cross border online shopping in 2013, this represents 16% of all online shopping. This will rise 200% to $307 Billion in 2018.

By 2018 there will be 130 Million cross border shoppers who buy from websites worldwide, 72.6 million will shop on a mobile device.

The top selling products are clothes followed by health a beauty items.

There are a wide range of consumer types who will buy something from an international website. These include fearless adventurers and deal hunters.

David Marcus, President of PayPal said:

“It is fascinating to see how the ability to shop online overseas is transforming and enriching the lives of people around the world”

According to PayPal, online security is a concern amongst some consumers, and that, not surprisingly, consumers feel they can trust and purchase through PayPal.

At MyInternationalShopping we realise that this can be an issue, which is why we are careful about which international shops we list on site and encourage shoppers to leave reviews and feedback concerning their experiences, we are committed to ensuring that consumers can cross border shop successfully and enjoyably.






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