International shopping disasters

There are a number of reasons why we started, and avoiding online shopping disasters is very much one of them. We try to help you to make the best shopping decisions when buying from overseas, but sometimes it does not always go to plan and badly or wrongly described products or just plain scams can leave some shoppers looking rather silly.

Here is a light hearted look at some of those shopping disasters. Here are some photos of some shoppers who bought items from China and did not quite receive what they expected.

International shopping disasters

 1. That dress

This lady bought her dress from in China and did not quite achieve the look she was expecting. When she posted the pictures online, many people praised her for her courage but advised her to take off the pink slippers!

2. That wedding dress

You see your favourite celebrity wearing a wonderful wedding dress and you just have to have it for your big day. You find a shop in India or China that can make it and it’s under your budget! What you receive though is not the white satin and Chantilly lace number you thought but a lime green polyester knock-off instead.

3. Those earrings

Don’t think that it could be just clothes shopping that might leave you red faced. Beware of cheap and mis-described jewelry and earrings too. These are a bit more peafowl than peacock!

4. The grey coat

One shopper seeing a coat she loved form a website called in Singapore ordered it and waited a nailbiting two weeks for it to arrive at her home in the USA. As you can see it didn’t quite fit as planned. Fortunately for this mom the coat did fit her 10 year old daughter. That’s the birthday present sorted then! Huffpost.

5. The brown coat

This lady, from China, who bought a new coat on Singles Day, the biggest shopping day of the year in the world, was left slightly disappointed when it arrived. So much so that she had to post the pics on a Chinese forum.

Here is a selection of more disastrous shopping experiences.

This dress is the Terani P1575 bought from for $385 USD. Buy it and it might not match your expectations!

This one is the Sexy Women’s Solid Party Dress Club Wear from another Chinese website, you can buy them as a job lot of 6 for $49.99, thats just $8.34 a piece. I am not sure that I would be brave enough to wear it either!

 Have you had an online international shopping disaster? Here is what you can do:

1. Leave a review on the shop listing.

2. Post your pics and stories in the fake retailer and scam shop forum.

International Shopping Directory

Remember to check out our unbiased and informative directory of shops with international shipping, here you can read or leave reviews and identify shops that are scams so you don’t fall foul to shopping disasters such as these!

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