Editor Reviews, what do they mean?

Recently we have tweaked the shop pages to display more information about each shop’s international shipping policies, and include more details about, such as, how they deal with import duties, if you can pay with a local currency, their delivery times and costs by region and their returns policy.

As part of these changes and because we want to focus more on reviews for the shops we have introduced Editor Reviews.

These are, in part, subjective, but also objective, as we will award points to the shops according to the following criteria, and/or services:

  • Can they arrange payment of any import duties and fees?
  • Can you pay in your local currency?
  • What regions of the world do they deliver to?
  • The cost of delivery to each region?
  • How easy is it to return an item?
  • The quality of their website to use.

The higher the shop’s score the better they serve the international shopper by offering more of the above or by doing a good, or cheaper, job of the above.

So we will review all the shops using these points, so that you, the worldwide punter, can more easily compare the shops together, and if you see a couple of shops who sell the same products you can, hopefully, work out which shop is the best to use.

The shop pages will now focus more on the facts and figures of the shop’s worldwide delivery and the reviews will be a few paragraphs and a total rating based upon the criteria.

Of course, we are hoping that, soon, the Editor Reviews will also be supplemented by Shopper Reviews and this will add a whole different dimension and make your decisions even easier, especially as more and more shops get added.

In the meantime, I hope that the Editor Reviews are comprehensive and the methodology robust enough to make a difference to people all over the world looking to do some cross-border online shopping.

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