Do you need freight forwarders when shops offer free shipping worldwide?


Many shoppers, worldwide, have used the services of a freight forwarder or a US or European mailing address provider. Such as Aramex, ShipandShop and Borderlinx – and sometimes these are great.

But, how many people realise that many of the best UK, US and European shopping sites will deliver to most countries in the world directly, without using an intermediary?

In fact many shops, nowadays, ship internationally for free. 

How many times have you seen that item you really really want but just can’t buy it? 

We have too, and that is why from personal experience we have set up  a website that helps you to easily find the best online shops that will ship to you, wherever you are in the world.

We have thoroughly investigated all the shops that we list.

We list all the relevant information about their shipping policies:

  • a guide to how much shipping will cost
  • and how many days it will take to get to you

We detail their return policy for you too.

And we also provide quick links to the right pages on each shop’s websites so you can double check the info for yourself.

And we also have a big list of shops that will deliver to you for free!

More International Shopping videos to follow

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