Best Asian electronics shops with worldwide Shipping

Asian countries are famous the world over for creating and manufacturing great, and often cheap, electrical goods and electronics. Countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and China have been making gadgets, TVs, phones, music players and much more for decades now.

It is also a given that many of their shops are cheaper than their western counterparts and many people buy cameras and electronics when they visit them on holiday or business. But, you can also buy from some of these over the internet, as many Asian shops offer international shipping. Our top pick is or DealExtreme from Hong Kong and have a huge range of products.

Top Pick

Our top pick for Asian based electronics shops is the Hong Kong store Deal Extreme, website Why? Because sell a large range of consumer elecronics, computers and other items, they have a US warehouse and international shipping. They also have a good approval rating.

Asian electronics shops with International delivery

Check out these Asian electronics shops, they offer international shipping, and you can always use a package forwarder to consolidate your shopping if you need to.

1. (

If you can speak Japanese, or you can use Google Translate, you might be able to shop at Amazon Japan. They offer international shipping, and some of the prices we looked at were cheaper than the same products at Of course there will be shipping and other fees. But this is one place that is worth a look for something different to what you might find at home. If you are looking further afield then Amazon Global might be for you instead.


Dino Direct is a electronics shop from China and claims to ship to over 200 countries worldwide. Their website say that they have 305,746 items with free shipping. So they are well worth a look. They seem to sell everything, phones, cameras, watches and even dresses. You can choose from a range of languages and currencies. Finding their shipping information is a bit tricky on the website, but we have the information and a link to their shipping policy on their listing page.


Another China store and a sister shop to This is where you can buy individual items rather than in wholesale bulk. AliExpress have a huge consumer electronics category, with thousands of items worth scrolling through. You can choose from a range of different languages.


DHGate is named after a city on the spice route, and they claim to be the gateway to the modern spice route shipping consumer goods internationally. They have a large range of electricals and sell wholesale and retail with worldwide shipping.


Hong Kong based Deal Extreme are also good for international delivery and shipping. DealExtreme at sell a large range of items including computing and electrical.

An electronics store to avoid?

One that has consistently had bad reviews is Yet another Chinese store offering international shipping, but based on the reviews we have had, I would not recommend. Feel free to try it, I am sure at some point they will have to improve and get their act together. 

It has since been announced that TinyDeal has closed it website and is operating no more.

Many of our members and visitors use these shops on a daily basis to buy a large range of electrical items including cameras and photography products, computers, tablets and phones to countries around the world including Australia, India, Israel, Europe, USA and NZ. 

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