Australian shops looking to set up in the UK?

I came across an interesting story on the website for The Evening Standard, which used to be London’s local evening newspaper. The article is here

The article claims that lots of well known Australian brands are looking to set up shops in the UK. Perhaps they are looking to expand to other countries overseas too, but the article does not mention this?

Globally there are lots of very popular Australian brands, for example Ugg boots, which are still popular although not as much as they once were, so I am sure that the newcomers will prove to be popular too.

The Standard reckons that Smiggle, a stationary retailer will open 250 shops in the UK, after first opening a store at the giant Westfield Stratford mega mall – which, of course, is itself Australian owned.

Other brands that might set up include Colette Hayman, a jewellery and accessories company and the fashion brand Industrie.

I wonder whether the fact that some of the big shopping malls in London and increasingly over the UK are ultimately Aussie owned has had some influence on the companies looking to expand into Britain? Or, it might be something to do with the strength of the economy down under these days.

Well, whatever the reason we wish them luck – I am sure they will do very well.

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