Amazon CVG2

What is Amazon CVG2?

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Amazon CVG2 is an returns fulfillment center in the USA. If you return an item to Amazon in the USA, you may be asked to use a shipping label with this address on it.


CVG2 E6 Amazon Returns

1600 Worldwide Blvd, Hebron,

KY 41048,

United States

Phone number:

(859) 586-3883


Source and photo credit Google maps.






3 responses to “What is Amazon CVG2?”

  1. Vickie Cox Avatar
    Vickie Cox

    I received an air filter for an HVAC system, but I never ordered it. How do I return it?

    1. Nick Beeny Avatar
      Nick Beeny

      Hi, you could return it to Amazon returns center.

      Here is the returns information from Amazon’s website.

      Alternatively, you could just keep it?

  2. Gary D Sandberg Avatar
    Gary D Sandberg

    I returned 2 items for a refund: the items were shipped (returned) via UPS on June 2, 2023. They arrived on June 6, 2023. I’m still waiting for my refund.

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