International Checkout

Another international shopping orders and fulfillment company much like Borderfree is called International Checkout. They handle international orders and worldwide delivery for many USA online shopping websites, so that they can sell their wares to people all over the world and not have to bother with the admin of the customs duties and the international shipping.

Have you bought from a shop that uses Please leave your experiences or reviews below.

 InternationalCheckout (IC) provides their services to many USA shops allowing them to ship worldwide. One in particular is called, from California, they sell jeans and other women’s fashion and clothes.

IC seem to have a comprehensive customer services section on their website as well as a directory of all the retailers that they service, if you have any experiences or feedback from buying from one of their merchant partners we would love to hear from you, either below in the comments or in our community forum. If you have any shops that you think are good please let us know and we will consider putting them in the directory.

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