How to get free delivery at Boohoo

How to get free delivery at

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There is nothing much better than adding your fave clothes to your digital shopping bag and then snagging free shipping at checkout. The joy of not having to pay any extra to get those new goodies is second to finding a brand new unopened packet of biscuits that you thought had already been eaten!

Although shipping & delivery costs for online shopping aren’t that much, the saving of £5-10 every time you reach checkout makes a difference, especially if you are a prolific internet shopper. These things can quickly add-up.

But, how do you get free delivery at Boohoo?

Summary. Premier is a subscription service which guarantees you free shipping. If you make more than 2 purchases a year then you will save money on your delivery costs. Read on for more information.

What is

Boohoo is one of the web’s leading fashion stores, and has been one of the most popular and busy since they started in Manchester in 2006. They have been creating leading fashion designs with their in-house designers, and they currently add about 500 new products to their line each week.

They create fashion and clothing for men and women and all imaginable staples and products are available.

How much is delivery from Boohoo?

Shipping rates on purchases from vary according to the service you want or where you live. There are 3 tiers for UK & NI delivery:

  • UK & NI Standard – £4.99 – Up to 5 days
  • UK & NI Next day – £5.99 – Order before 11pm (9.30pm Sat.)
  • DPD Precise Delivery – £5.99 – Arrange a precise hourly delivery slot

International delivery rates

International delivery rates vary according to which country you are buying from. Normally there is only one tier, but occasionally to some countries there are 2 tiers, standard and express. Here are some examples of shipping rates to different countries.

Most countries are covered by the following shipping rates:

International Standard: Bahrain, Africa  – £13.99

International Standard: India, S. Korea, Israel, UAE – £9.99

Others are listed below:

Australia: £3.99 – £7.99

Japan: £9.99

NZ: £6.99 – £9.99

Russia: £9.99

They have a drop-down box on their delivery information page where you can select your country.

How to get free delivery?

There are 3 standard ways that you are able to bag free shipping on your purchases at Boohoo.

1. A discount or promo code.

Boohoo have a dedicated page for their discounts, offers and promotional coupon codes.

The discount code page lists all their recent and legit offers. Many coupon websites may also carry codes for Boohoo, you should be wary as not all of them will be genuine and many will be out of date but, they may be worth a look.

2. Spend over a certain amount

It is common for some stores to offer free shipping if you spend over a certain threshold. Currently Boohoo are not offering this, but keep an eye out in case they do in the future. I think this has been suspended because of the following.

3. Boohoo Premier

Much as Amazon Prime offers free shipping on purchases to Prime members in return for a monthly fee, offers something similar. It is called Boohoo Premier and carries a small yearly fee.

What is Boohoo Premier? Premier is a subscription which gives you the right to free shipping on purchases from Boohoo. For an annual fee of £9.99, you can get free unlimited UK Standard delivery, free unlimited UK Next Day delivery, unlimited next day collection and free returns. Terms and conditions apply, and you can cancel for a full refund within 14 days.


Whilst you can try and grab a coupon code or special offer which may include a spend over a certain amount, the only way to guarantee free delivery at Boohoo is to sign up for Premier.

Although strictly speaking not free,as you have to pay a £9.99 annual fee, you can easily see that if you make at least two purchases with UK delivery at Standard delivery you have basically covered the cost of the fee and any subsequent delivery charges would be free.

If you simply must have your Boohoo swag the next day and you shop more than twice a year then it is worth it, obvs.

Free shipping with a Boohoo Premier subscription is, therefore, a no-brainer!






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