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Not all shops from the USA do offer international shipping to all countries in the world. There are over 200 countries and sometimes it is almost impossible to cater for all of them, for many reasons. If you live outside of the 50 states of the US or American overseas territories, & APO/FPO addresses the answer is often to get a US shipping address from a mail & package forwarder.

So, how do you go about getting a shipping or virtual address from the USA for international shipping to another country?

What is a US Shipping Address?

A US shipping address is a postal or mailing address within the United States of America that you can use to give to people, corporations and stores within the US to forward or send stuff to you in another country. You are able to shop at an online store in the US, give them your virtual shipping address in the US, they will send your shopping to that address and the forwarder will send it on to you wherever you are in the world. It is a way to access American stores that won’t ship to your country. A US shipping address is also known as a reshipper or virtual address.

Why might I need a US Shipping Address?

Sometimes a shop will not ship their goods or products abroad, or you need an address or mailbox in the US to receive correspondence that cannot be sent outside the USA or overseas. Many US online retailers and ecommerce companies will ship to a package forwarder so that you are able to shop with them.

Who Offers US Shipping Addresses?

The most popular US address providers are called mail or package forwarders. These companies will give you an address in the US, you can use it when you buy stuff from American stores or companies. They will send the stuff to your USA shopping address and the forwarder will reship, or send, it on to you wherever in the world you live. Online American international shipping.

Can I get a free US address for international shipping?

Yes, getting an American postal or mailing address is often free, although some companies do charge a set up fee to open an account. It is what you do next that will normally cost you. Getting your mail or parcels forwarded will cost you a shipping or mailing fee. Having the company hold your mail for a period of time will normally cost you something too. The package forwarders also have other fees too, but some of these may help you to reduce your overall shipping expenses by consolidating packages or repacking some to make them smaller.

Which are the best Package Forwarders in the USA?

Here is a list of some of the main players in the industry that will provide you with a USA shipping address for online shopping and mail forwarding. All these will provide genuine US address.


They ship to over 200 counties worldwide. are genuine and offer 3 shipping plans with different pricing. Single package, Premium and Business. Premium and Business cost a monthly fee of $7 and $10 respectively. The paid plans come with free package consolidation, repackaging and storage for upto 30 days. Otherwise there is a small fee for these services.

MyUs use FedEx and DHL for shipping, and preferential rates are passed on. Export paperwork can be processed on your behalf.

MyUS has recent;y been purchased by Aramex, it will be interesting to see if their service changes.

2. Stackry are based in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA. They provide a shopping address in America for shoppers who want their purchases sent overseas. Offering a worldwide service, they provide a range of services and prices to suit most budgets.

There is no membership fee or monthly fee, but services such as consolidation ($2 a package), repackaging ($5 a package) and storage do attract a small cost. Storage is free for 45 days – afterwards it is 8 cents per day per pound past the 45 days. You can request photos of your purchases and they will even ship HAZMAT products for an extra fee.

They offer a range of shipping options from carriers such as FedEx, USPS, Global Mail Direct and DHL International. You can select a priority or express service as well as standard international shipping.

3. Shipito

Third up is Shipito. Another mail forwarder from the USA which offer a US shipping address this time based in warehouses in California and Oregon. There is no sales tax on purchases made through the Oregon warehouse. Many of the same international couriers are available for shipping as well as Boxberry, Pony Express, DPD and Aramex. 

Two plans are available from Free Account and Premium, each costs a different amount for the usual services and there is a processing fee on all packages. One advantage is their assisted purchase service, which although attracts a fee, means they will purchase any products that you are not able to do so.


UsGoBuy ship to over 200 countries on every continent on earth and offer a US mailing address which you can use. Standard services are available as well a a 4 tier membership program, each tier will enable you to access larger discounts on shipping. A warehouse in Oregon means no US sales tax on your online shopping.

The membership system is access by the amount you spend on purchases each year. To gain VIP1, the base plan, discounts you need to spend $1000 a year on shipments and to access the highest tier VIP3 or Diamond you will need to spend $10000, if this is not for you the basic plan is available.

5. Opas comes with 3 plans aimed at single purchase customers, premium and distributor plans. Opas offer all the services expected of a mail and package forwarder offering you a shopping address in N America. Started by Toshiyasu Abe who wanted to offer a premium forwarding service to shoppers in his native Japan. They have now grown to offer full international shipping. 

6. FishisFast offer a comprehensive service, no membership fees and tax-free shopping from the Delaware warehouse. Package consolidation is free – get all your shopping sent over in one money saving package – and you get a full 6 months storage, which should be more than enough for any shopping habit.

They offer shipping from their address in the US to all countries and offer shipping from all the major couriers.


The best US Shipping address companies and package forwarders can be found in our directory by following the link. You can also leave reviews of your experiences if you have used them.

How do I know what my shipping costs will be?

If you want to know what your shipping and forwarding costs will be before you buy many of the above providers offer shipping calculators on their sites, from here you are able to select your shipping country, the weight and dimension of your package and they will give you the costs from their list of couriers and shipping companies.

Which is the cheapest package forwarding service?

The amount you will pay will depend upon many factors. Firstly, you will need to take in to account the amount of extra services you will need. Package consolidation and repackaging will save you money on your shipping fees but come with a small fee. Shipping costs are dependent upon the size and weight of the package, so that will need to be taken into account when choosing a service. We believe that the companies listed above in this guide will give you a good range of options, are legitimate and competitive on price.

How can I compare package forwarders with US shipping addresses? Web sites such as and Reddit communities such as r/Shipping and r/BestPackageForwarding will be able to help you to the find the best US shopping address for your individual needs

Package Forwarder Reviews

If you have used any of these US shipping address companies with your international shopping, please feel free to leave a review, good or bad, in our directory section or in the comments section below. 

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