How much does DHL and FedEX charge for customs clearance?

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If you are receiving a package or shipment from another country, or importing, then you are likely liable for customs duties to be paid.

The amount of the duties varies by country and item type. These fees are set by the countries themselves. But you may also have to pay your courier fees to clear customs too. Here is a quick look at DHL and FedEx customs charges. These fees also vary by country so the charges for Australia will be different from Ireland, Saudi Arabia from Mexico.

DHL customs charges

The charges you might encounter are. DHL’s charges.

  • Customs Preparation.
  • Export declaration
  • Multiline entry
  • Clearance authorization

Customs process.

  • Non-routine entry
  • Bonded storage
  • Clearance data modification
  • Permits and licenses
  • Physical intervention

Customs support

  • Duty tax importer
  • Duty tax receiver
  • Broker notification
  • Release to broker

The cost of these charges varies between country. The page on the DHL website where you can find these is here. Change the country to see the different charges.

FedEX charges

FedEx will also charge for handling customs for your shipment. In addition they have a list of ancillary charges that include:

  • Duty and tax amendment
  • Electronic Entry Fee for Formal Entry
  • Plant, Animal and Food Quarantines
  • Advancement Fee

These fees also vary between country, the page where you can find these charges is here on the FedEx website.

VAT and GST taxes on imports

Remember these customs charges are in addition to the Value Added Tax and Good and Services Tax and import duty that may be required, which is normally paid for by the importer.

Your courier might be able to pre-pay these for you and then bill you once you have received your shipment or package.

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