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ReShip Reviews

Shipping services details

Package forwarder
Membership fee
Monthly fee
$30 per month option for up to 10 packages. Then $2 for each extra.

Virtual/Overseas address

Holding fee
Holding fee details
Free storage for 60 days then $1 a day per package, maximum for 90 days.
Consolidation of packages
Package consolidation details
$7 for up to 5 packages. Over the 5 package limit, each additional package added to the consolidation is charged $1.00.
Arrange payment (concierge)
Concierge Fee
8% service charge on the total checkout price. Plus $8 (plus the cost of purchase and shipping) per ten unique items. For purchases over ten unique items, you will be charged accordingly at a graduated rate: 11-20 unique items: $16.00 USD 21-30 unique ite
Other fees and services
Invoice removal - $3
Pre-delivery photos of your purchases - $5 for 5 photos
Gift wrapping service - $7
Other requests - $5
Get shipping address in

Forwarding/Shipping details

Sea mail
Duties Prepaid
Ships to
ReShip will forward your package all over the world.

ReShip package forwarding

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