10 shops you’ll love with international shipping

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Many people ask us which online shops are the best for worldwide delivery, so here is a list of what we consider to be the top 10 international online stores with free shipping. These are some of the most popular shopping websites that offer international delivery and score highly for the cost and service of delivery and also for the quality and breadth of range of their products.

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This list covers most products you could wish to buy, from books to cheap clothes, electronics, computers and makeup, all available throughout the globe from stores that have good international shipping policies. We have updated this guide for 2023, and included at least 3 new stores, as alternatives to ones on the original list or to better describe the ones we have listed.

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1. Book Depository – Now Closed

Book Depository has now closed, a new online bookshop will be added as an alternative.

Many people know that Amazon Global, from the USA, is a great place to buy books online but, did not so many know of the lesser known UK online shop called BookDepository.com

They offer free worldwide delivery on 20 million books! which is an incredible amount.

They have won many awards, including the best direct to consumer book-selling company of the year award, and they are committed to offering free worldwide delivery to most countries in the world – currently over 100 – and they aim to sell as many books as possible, with a very large and comprehensive range.

True, they have recently been acquired by Amazon, but they promise that this doesn’t not affect their aims. So for a high quality online bookshop – and we have some positive reviews to prove it – we recommend The Book Depository.

Best for: Books!

Book Depository Delivery details.

Delivery from Book Depository is free on all items, no matter which qualifying country you are located in, and they do ship to most countries in the world. Estimated delivery time is given under the add to basket button. They ship from the UK and Australia, so can cover most of the world.

Alternative: Amazon.com Global

2. Asos

ASOS.com is another online shop from the UK with free worldwide delivery. They are also one of the largest fashion and clothes selling websites in the world, selling a huge range of cutting edge fashion from many brands as well as their own label stuff. The stock men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

Shopping on the site is slick and sophisticated and they have an excellent reputation for customer service, you can make payment in one of many different currencies. A good refund and international returns policy as well means that for fashionistas worldwide ASOS.com really is hard to beat.

Best for: Fashion with free delivery!

ASOS Shipping Details.

Free international shipping from ASOS is available if you spend over a minimum amount, this is usually about $50. Otherwise shipping is about $9.99, but this does vary according to which country you wish to have stuff delivered to. Express delivery is also available for a larger fee.

Alternatves: Shein.com, NextDirect.com and Boohoo.com

3. Amazon Global

Everyone in the world has heard of Amazon. They seem to have a website for most countries in the world, except some. I know from experience that there is not an Amazon New Zealand! But Amazon do ship internationally and there is an easy way to find out which products can be delivered worldwide. It is called Amazon Global, a website dedicated to international shopping from the US.

Amazon Global is a very clever website, as it can calculate the import fees and duties that you may need to pay on your purchases. Whilst they don’t deliver to all countries, such as most of Africa, they do deliver to a lot! And you can even track door to door, and pay in your local currency.

Of course, not all products can be shipped to each country, but Amazon Global will tell you exactly which products can be.

Best for: Being Amazon! Computers and laptops are a good thing to buy from the USA

AmazonGlobal, like ASOS above, do ship to foreign country for free but you need to spend about $49 or equivalent in order to qualify. Otherwise shipping costs vary between country, but can be as low as $3.99.

Alternatives: eBay.com AliExpress.com

4. Forever21

Offer free international shipping, subject to minimum spend, try Forever21.com instead! They stock US style fashions and are very popular. They ship internationally to about 35 countries, outside of Europe, and have dedicated websites for India and Mexico. They also ship to Japan, Russia and countries in South America. Minimum qualifying spends vary between country, so be sure to check them out first.

5. Abercrombie Kids

Who can leave out the kiddies? They need clothes too. Not least wanting fashionable clothes, pester power is a powerful force and the kiddies are full to the brim with it!

Abercrombie Kids is a popular online shop on MyInternationalShopping.com and there is good reason. They offer free shipping on all orders. They sell classic American fashion for boys and girls. Chinos, jeans and Oreos – that sort of thing.

Just remember to select your shipping country before you start shopping.

Best for: Classic Kids!

Abercrombie Kids shipping details

International shipping is not free, but is economy shipping is normally $20, although it is $15 to Australia and Korea. Standard shipping, which offers a quicker delivery time is available for £5-10 more. Delivery should take about 7-11 days standard, or 5-8 for standard.

6. eBay.com

This is another online shop from Silicon Valley that is hard to leave out. Although, strictly speaking a marketplace, they do sell everything and anything. Not all products are available for international delivery, you have to check with each seller to see what their shipping policy is. We have a tip for finding products on eBay that ship to your country

So eBay.com can often draw a blank, but there are so many things for sale, they are good for electrical and electronic items such as gadgets, notebooks, tablets and other techy stuff, on the online auction site that it is worth checking to see if you can buy and have it delivered worldwide.

Best for: Selling everything!

eBay international shipping details.

As eBay is a community of third party sellers delivery cost inevitably varies according to each seller.

7. YesAsia.com

For Oriental style, one shop stands out above most of the others, based in Hong Kong. They off free international shipping to many countries, including mainland China, when you spend $25 or more, and have a large selection of women’s fashion and clothes from Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea. YesAsia.com offer free international shipping too!

You can change currencies when you shop online to purchase in whatever suits you best. Returns policy is easy and generous.

Best for: Oriental chic!

YesAsia.com international shipping details.

Free international shipping is available at Yes Asia for a spend over £39.00 on qualifying items. They have divided countries into 4 zones but all countries qualify for free delivery. Select an order over $39 of qualifying items, be sure not to select split order option at checkout.

8. Strawberrynet.com

Strawberrynet.com promise to deliver cosmetics, makeup and skin care products anywhere in the world and worldwide shipping is free. Cosmetics and beauty products can often be hard to buy, StrawberryNet, make it that little bit easier to buy perfume, make up, skincare and many more items. Based in Hong Kong, you can choose from hundreds of different languages and many different currencies. They do have a really extensive website and online shopping service.

We have good reviews and users stories about them and we wholeheartedly recommend StrawberryNet.com for online beauty shopping. They often give out a lot of coupon codes, so look out for them when you shop at their store.

Best for: Beauty!

StrawberryNet international delivery details.

Free delivery worldwide is available for purchases over a minimum spend, this is usually about $45, although does vary for each country.

9. Alibaba.com

Alibaba.com are a famous, and large, Chinese shopping website. They are a wholesaler to the world  where many manufacturers sell their wares and people globally can purchase stock and even individual products in any category imaginable.

They also have details of all the latest customs data for all their suppliers and their products. This is one for businesses really and those people who sell stuff themselves and even professional eBayers. You will have to deal with each supplier directly as it is a marketplace, but they will deliver all over the world.

Alibaba has its own payment solution called Alipay. Find out how Alipay works.


If you are a private buyer, ie a consumer not a business, then you should try AliExpress.com, this is where items can be bought retail and not wholesale. Many of the sellers on Alibaba.com will also sell to individuals on AliExpress.com. They also offer international delivery from China to practically anywhere.

Best for: Businesses!

AliExpress and Alibaba international shipping details.

Much like eBay.com and Amazon.com delivery charges and costs are dictated by the sellers, but they do ship a huge range of stuff to most countries in the world.

10. The Hut

TheHut.com is another UK online store that sells a bit of everything, clothing, toys, electricals and much more. Their promise is cheap, and often free, international delivery and they ship almost anywhere around the world. A large department store type online shop which is easy to navigate and well laid out. They are part of a large group or network of websites and shops that sell many different products.

The selection of currencies for payment is a little less than most shops, but TheHut.com’s international offering and wide range of products make it the final addition to our list of the best 10 online shops with worldwide shipping.

Best for: General all rounder!

TheHut.com international delivery details.

International delivery is often free if you spend over £20, otherwise a small fee of about £3.99 is payable. They have a very extensive list of countries they ship to, so it is likely you can buy something from there wherever you are on the planet.

Bonus Stores!

Shein.com – Chinese fashion store offers shipping all over the world. Sells clothing for all.

Boohoo.com – British fashion store, owns many brands and sells third party brands.

Macys.com – Huge US department store chain, sells goods in all departments, delivers around the world.

NextDirect.com – Another British clothing marketplace that ships branded clothes all over the world.

And the bad online shops with worldwide shipping?

Well, the above is the list of the top ten online stores, now updated with a bonus one due to one being acquired by another big store, with worldwide delivery, but what are the worst international online stores? Which should you avoid?

We hear experiences from many shoppers about many different shops, but one sticks out, so far, head and shoulders above the rest. Its name is TinyDeal.com. This website is from China, and it has been given some negative reviews for their shopping experience. 

We are sure that there must be some who have had some good experiences with them, but we are yet to hear any. If you have used them and want to leave a review about their international shipping and delivery, please do!

Update: TinyDeal, has since September 2019 shut down. 


We will keep this article updated with the good and the bad of the world’s internet stores with worldwide shipping.

Reviews of shops with worldwide shipping

We hope you have found this list useful and interesting. Remember if you have used international shipping to buy something, please leave a review to help others – good or bad reviews – they are important to many other international shoppers! Here is our list of online stores with free worldwide shipping






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