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OPAS & Planet Express To Merge – Here’s What You Need to Know!

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OPAS, a well-established online package forwarding service, and Planet Express, another reputable company based in the state of Oregon, USA, have recently announced their decision to join forces and merge. When will this happen? The marriage will be effective July 11th, 2023. This merger brings together two significant players in the US package or parcel forwarding industry, and users of both services can expect some changes and benefits as a result. Here’s what you need to know about this development:

For OPAS Customers:

  1. Expanded Benefits: With the merger, OPAS you will have access to a range of new benefits provided by Planet Express. These include a free 1-year premium account offer for signing up before August 17th, 2023. The premium account offers several advantages for users, making it a compelling option to consider.
  2. Lower Rate Options: The combined forces and economies of scale of OPAS and Planet Express are expected to result in lower rate options. This means potential cost savings for those who regularly use the package forwarding services.
  3. Enhanced Shipping Options: There will be benefits from a broader range of shipping options than ever before. This expanded selection should improve flexibility and convenience when sending and receiving packages.
  4. More Warehouse Locations: The merger will provide you with additional warehouse options in Oregon, California, and Florida. This means you can now choose from multiple warehouse locations when shipping packages.
  5. FedEx Delivery Duty Paid Option: Planet Express offers a FedEx Delivery Duty Paid option to several destinations, including Japan. This feature aims to simplify international shipping and customs processes.
  6. Faster Processing Times: Significant improvements in processing times are expected. Registration and shipping times will be expedited, ensuring quicker delivery of packages.
  7. Free Photo of Arriving Package: Planet Express offers a free photo of the arriving package, showing the shipping label and its condition. This added feature is designed to enhance transparency and peace of mind.
  8. Mail Receiving/Forwarding: The merger allows OPAS customers to access mail receiving and forwarding services at all warehouse locations, further enhancing the convenience of package handling.

For Planet Express Users:

  1. Seamlessly Transitioned Accounts: Planet Express users will experience a seamless transition during the merger. All packages and account details will be automatically transferred to the new Planet Express system.
  2. Continued Tax-Free Shopping: Planet Express users can rest assured that they will continue to enjoy tax-free shopping in the U.S., preserving the advantage that many customers appreciate.

For Both OPAS and Planet Express Users:

  1. Important Transition Dates: It’s crucial for both OPAS and Planet Express users to take note of the transition dates. For OPAS users, the last day to make a Ship Request at the current OPAS location is July 24th, and the last day to receive packages at the current address is July 27th. From July 28th, all packages will be redirected to the Planet Express warehouse in Tualatin, Oregon.
  2. Signing Up with Planet Express: Users must sign up with Planet Express before July 28th to ensure a smooth transition and avoid any interruptions in their package forwarding services.

Our Thoughts

The merger between OPAS and Planet Express represents a significant milestone in the package forwarding industry. Both companies aim to enhance user experience and provide a more comprehensive range of services and benefits. Users can look forward to lower rates, expanded shipping options, and improved processing times, among other advantages. By staying informed about the transition process and utilizing the offered benefits, users can make the most of this merger.

Advantages of the OPAS and Planet Express Merger:

  • Access to a FREE 1-year premium account offer for OPAS customers who sign up with Planet Express before August 17, 2023.
  • Lower rate options for users, potentially resulting in cost savings.
  • Expanded shipping options, providing users with greater flexibility and convenience.
  • Additional warehouse locations in Oregon, California, and Florida, giving users more choices for package forwarding.
  • FedEx Delivery Duty Paid option available for many destinations, simplifying international shipping and customs processes.
  • Faster processing times for registration and shipping, ensuring quicker delivery of packages.
  • Free photo of arriving packages, offering transparency and reassurance for users.
  • Mail receiving and forwarding services available at all warehouse locations, increasing convenience.

Disadvantages of the OPAS and Planet Express Merger:

  • Users may need to adapt to new account systems and features, which could initially cause some confusion.
  • Some OPAS customers might not be able to take advantage of the merger benefits if they do not sign up with Planet Express before the specified deadline.
  • There might be a learning curve for both existing OPAS and Planet Express users as they familiarize themselves with the combined service offerings.
  • Users who have been accustomed to using specific features or processes in either OPAS or Planet Express may need to adjust to changes resulting from the merger.
  • Potential concerns about the integration of different customer support systems and processes could arise during the transition.
  • Users might face challenges if they are not aware of or miss the important transition dates, which could impact their package forwarding arrangements.

Overall, while the advantages of the merger offer numerous benefits, users should be aware of potential disadvantages and actively stay informed during the transition period to make the most of the new and improved package forwarding services.






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