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Compare parcel or package forwarders fees here in our simple table for quick comparing.. This is sponsored by where you can compare shipping costs as well. The package forwarders on this page all ship from the USA, some have other locations too such as the UK and Canada.

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Ships from



USA, UK, Canada




USA, UK, Turkey


$10 off

20% off first shipment

Free account








Premium account


Gold $9.99pm, Platinum $49.99pm



Processing fee




Consolidation fee



Free, $2, $1


Premium accounts only



Repackaging fee



Premium accounts only


$5, additional $2

Photo fees



$5 for 3

$5 for 1

$2 or $5

3 free


Free for 7 days

Free 45 days

Free 7 days

Free 30 days

Premium accounts only

Free 6 months

free 60 days


From $3

$3/$100 $6min

2% total cost



Free $100 value



Shipito are a parcel forwarder based in the US and ship all over the world from their warehouses in California and Oregon, where you can save on US sales tax. They have a warehouse in Austria for quick shipping to Europe.


Stackry are based in Nashua, New Hampshire which means you don’t have to pay any USA sales tax on purchases forwarded to you by them.


Reship has a US warehouse in the sales tax free city of Portland, Oregon. They also have a Canadian warehouse in British Columbia and one in Milton Keynes, UK.


Opas is based in Portland, Oregon, USA and therefore you won’t have to pay sales tax if you use them to forward your parcels to them overseas.

Opas has recently announced (July 2023) a merger with Planet Express.


Fish is Fast is based in Delaware for sales-tax free shopping. They offer only a free plan with no premium accounts. Lots of extra services are available for free.


From Delaware a sales-tax free state in the USA they ship to most countries around the world. Ship7 do not have a premium account so you can start forwarding with paying a monthly fee.


MyUS are from Florida and have a large warehouse there for your package forwarding needs. They ship to about 200 countries and purchases from them are sales tax free.

MyUS have recently been bought out by Aramax Shop and Ship.

What is a package forwarder?

A package forwarder is a bit like a middleman. If you wish to buy something from a different country like the United States but you are based in another country, you can buy the product you want online and have it sent to the package forwarder based in the US, they will then send it on to you ate your address overseas.

They allow for international shopping when otherwise it is not available or too expensive. They can save you shipping costs as they have deals with all the main delivery couriers. You can also potentially save money by using their consolidation or repackaging services.

These services mean that your shopping can be combined into one package or repacked into a smaller parcel which means lower shipping fees.

Find the cheapest package forwarder

Use the table above to quickly and easily compare various fees and costs which you may be charged if you wish to have a parcel forwarded to you internationally.

You can also use the website to compare shipping costs from the couriers that the parcel forwarders use.

When considering which is the cheapest forwarder, you need to take in to consideration the following:

Joining fees

Do you have to pay to ope an account? Many providers offer free accounts as well as premium accounts. Often the shipping and some other fees rates for the premium accounts will be less than for the free accounts, so you need to take that into account.

Processing fees

Some service providers will charge you for accepting one of your packages at their warehouse.

Repackaging and consolidation

Repackaging your parcels into smaller boxes obviously saves shipping fees and so does consolidating multiple packages into one before shipment. Do you need these services, sometimes paying extra for them will save you money in the long run. But if you are only shipping one package you may not need them.


Having photos taken of the items in your packages costs money, but if you want peace of mind that the item left the reshippers warehouse in good condition, then it might be worth it.


If you are buying multiple packages and want them shipped together, you may need storage, most companies give you free storage of packages for a set time, is this enough, will you need to pay for extra storage time?

Customs Duty

There is not much you can do about customs duty, it is up to the country that you are importing the goods to to decide the amount and whether you have to pay. But some couriers and forwarders will help you to arrange the documentation and payment in advance, for a fee. Is this something you need or not.

Sales Tax

If you are shopping in the USA then you can look for a package forwarding company that has an address in a state that offer no or low sales tax. States that do include Delaware, Florida and Oregon. You can save money on your shopping by forwarding with one of them.

Shipping fees

Lastly and probably the biggest expense is the shipping fee, this is charged by the courier, but forwarders get discounts for shipping in bulk.

What service do you need, expedited, snail mail, airmail? Think about which shipping service you want and can afford then look for the forwarder that offers it at the best or cheapest price.

Which is the cheapest package forwarder?

This answer will vary from person to person, depending upon which services you require and how often you want to use their services. When considering which one to use you will have to think about if you need a monthly account, or if your purchase is a one off, will you need repackaging or package consolidation? You should always take into account any registration fees and processing fees when calculating the best and cheapest forwarding for your shopping desires.


We try to be as accurate as possible and the costs and fees are accurate at the time of publication. They may change, we will endeavor to keep them up-to date. The data should be used as a guide and confirmed on the forwarders website before using.

If you want to communicate with other users of package forwarders, and forwarding in general, we recommend this Reddit group: Best Package Forwarding.


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