USA shops that ship to India

USA shopping sites that ship to India

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Are you crazy about the ‘Made in USA’ tag? Don’t wait for your cousin there to bring you gifts; shop online. You can buy straight up from an American website and get the goods delivered right upto your doorstep in India. Here are few recommendations:

We have already listed many other US Shops with international shipping in our shop directory, but here is a list of 5 of the best from the good ol’ US of A! You won’t go wrong with any of these general retailers and department store type shops. All will ship from the USA to India, and worldwide.

1. Macys has plenty of original American brands of clothing and accessories. You can find a huge range of apparels, jewellery, watches, shoes, bags, home products, furniture, kids wear and what not. You name anything and the site has it in store for you. You can even shop by brand name or choose from wide range of categories.  The site has a unique option that allows you to view the product prices in Indian currency. So you will have precise knowledge of what each product costs. Shipping is fulfilled by

When you shop at Macy’s, you can view the information of the shipping cost and the duty at the time of checkout. An average shipping cost is around rupees 2000 for a regular delivery between 10 to 18 business days. If you want express delivery within 6 to 11 days, you need to pay additional 500 rupees. The shipping charges are not per product but on a whole order. As for the duty tax, you can wish to pay at checkout or choose to pay on delivery.

The cost is around 40% of the total value of the product and this is per product. So a 2000 rs worth product will cost you 2800 plus the shipping of 2000. So the effective price becomes 4800 rupees approximately. You can visit the FAQ section of this website that helps you understand everything about buying a product from India.

2. Nordstrom is another all American shopping website exclusively for clothing and accessories. Get access to men, women, kids, home and beauty products. There is also a sale tab that displays discounted merchandise. This website displays the product pricing in Indian rupees and hence it is easy to find out the total cost of the product. Most products here can be shipped to India with a cost of around 2000 Rs per order. This varies depending on the product and the number of products you order.

he price remains the same for up to five products but anything more than that will attract few hundred bucks more. And the import duty of around 40% is applicable on all products here. There is just one option for standard shipping that takes 10 to 14 business days for delivery. You will again have the option to pay the duty up front or choose to pay at the time of delivery. There is a plenty of information in the shipping section at the bottom of the website.

3. Urban Outfitters

What makes this website more exciting for shoppers is the wide range of product categories. You can even buy electronic gadgets, phones, accessories, cosmetics, lingerie, apparels, footwear and home products.

The shipping is not free for India and a flat rate of $30 is charged for each order. That is regardless of the number of products. As far the custom duty goes, you can choose an option to assess at the port and pay on delivery. You can even choose to pay upfront £30 per product towards custom duty. This tax is per product and not on whole order. The price for tax varies depending on the product category. This is something that you will get to know at the time of checkout on the website.

4. Shopbop

This online shopping store features products exclusively for women. There are categories for clothing, accessories and beauty products. There is wide range of designer products available too. You can choose the product pricing to be displayed in USD, INR and various other currencies. The shipping charge here is $10 for products values $1 to $99. If your shopping value exceeds $100, the shipping will be free. The duty tax is again optional; you can pay upfront at the time check out or opt to pay at the time of receiving the product at your doorstep. The time taken to deliver your product is from 10 to 14 business days on this website.

5. Sears

Appliances, auto, baby, clothing, electronics, fitness and much more is right here at Sears. They ship to India and other 101 countries. Depending on the country selected at the time of account creation, the product range will be restricted. You will be shown only what can be shipped to your country. The shipping cost is a function of product weight, destination, no of items in the cart and method ( Express or Standard ). You will have the option to pay duties at checkout, as calculated by Borderfree, their  partner. Some countries can pay duties COD. In case of COD, invoice value is not guaranteed. Express shipping can take about 4-11 days. Standard shipping will be around 6 to 20 days. It is clearly mentioned at checkout.

Many USA shops will offer free worldwide shipping, but if they don’t and you want to look for a cheaper way to get your stuff delivered, try a parcel forwarding company. They can help you to ship your shopping from the US to another country and because they have deals with the shippers, such as DHL FedEx and others they can often offer some really great deals on the delivery costs.

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