What is British Style?

Spotlight on New British Style this Christmas

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Here is a quick look at some of the most popular UK online clothes shops that sell British style, at this Christmas time of year. Some have physical stores as well, and most aim their products to women and kids. They are not as well known as the older larger clothing shops but are proving very popular with growing customers and sales especially their international orders.

1. Boden

Founded by Johnnie Boden in 1991 they initially started with just menswear and it took a year before they branched into womenswear which they are best known for today. In 2007 they launched in Germany and so their international websites were born. They deliver to most countries in the world for about £6, although for a pound or so more you can choose premium delivery.

Boden sells, primarily, clothes for mums and women aged about 25-55, and they are more traditional than high street fashion in design. 

Winter dresses are popular at this time of year.

2. Crew Clothing Company

Another one is Crew Clothing Company which ships all over the world, and offers you the chance to visit the site that is right for you when you first enter, although the cost can be as much as £15.95 if you choose rest of the world express delivery. Crew has a definite Nautical Style theme running through their range, so expect lots of blue and white stripes, which are extremely popular and, variations on that theme.

Knits are popular and well as coats for Christmas.

3. Joules

Tom Joules founded Joules and sold his gear at markets before opening up shops and internet sites. International delivery is available and costs between £9-£16 depending upon your destination.

Joules  is similar to the two above and sell clothes in a modern English country style. They are well known for their boots, which we call wellies, and other winter warmers such as pyjamas. They too have a popular kids range of clothes.

So there is a quick look at 3 new British clothes companies popular with women and kids in the UK, but also offering good international delivery, and these overseas orders are growing quickly. As ever feel free to leave your comments in the comments section. Happy Christmas.






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