Six ways different countries celebrate Christmas

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Here are six fun ways different countries, Australia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Poland and Sweden celebrate Christmas. Get a taste of how people in other countries celebrate the big day with our info-graphic Christmas image.

How do you celebrate Christmas in your country?

  • Australia – A BBQ on the beach and a red nosed kangaroo!
  • Bulgaria – Koludevane, carol singing with a stick called a gega.
  • Czech Republic – Fasting on Christmas Eve in hope of seeing the “golden pig”.
  • Hong Kong – In Cantonese Santa Claus is called Sing Daan Lou Yan.
  • Poland – Christmas is a 12 course meal with obligatory beetroot soup called barszcz.
  • Sweden – The Swedes believe in a Christmas gift bearing gnome called Tomtenisse.

Are these Christmas customs real or fairy tales? Please leave a comment with your thoughts!






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