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Through our partnership with Borderfree.com is a common sight to many international shoppers who buy from shops in the US and the UK. Borderfree is an ecommerce service provider who specalises in global payments and shipping services. They help online retailers to sell and ship their wares to all parts of the globe. Cross border shipping as it is properly called. It is a big channel for many online shops.

Borderfree provide these services to about 90 different companies, as far as I can tell. Most of these are shops from the USA, but they have others from other countries too. There are names you will have heard of like Gap, J Crew, Bloomingdales, Harrods, Macys and Neimen Marcus, and many others you might not have heard of including Aeropostale, The Children’s Place, Cacique – are the names of just a few.

We have already talked about them and have asked users for their Borderfree reviews here. Many of their shops are listed in our directory and some shops even offer free worldwide delivery, and are well loved by our users and shoppers.

Recently we had a query from a shopper who had purchased something with worldwide delivery to Denmark from Harrods, which is in London, UK. There was an issue with the sales tax, according to the shopper, they were charging them the wrong countries tax. I tried to contact them to ask them about the situation but have not received an answer. I am sure that they have lots of happy shoppers, but we have also had some queries from shoppers worried about the service they are receiving. It seems that Borderfree do not want to resolve these issues in a timely matter, which is why we get the posts on our website.

I hope that everyone gets their shopping as they have hoped, and I am sure that Borderfree will do everything to ensure that the transactions and shipping works out as planned. But without telling us, or more importantly, the shoppers, we may never really know.






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