NEXT shuts again after reopening

NEXT reopens web store, only to shut 2 hours later

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We recently reported that NEXT was closing their online store due to safety concerns during the Coronavirus epidemic at their warehouses. This was announced on 28th March for the foresseable future, whilst they consider an appropriate course of action.

Many shoppers have been asking when will reopen? On 14th April they announced that after implementing safety measures at the facilities they would reopen their UK webstore,, unfortunately 2 hours after opening they shut the store again.

Why did shut their online store again?

NEXT are restricted to selling only essential items and, as part of their new safety measures, have given themselves a daily order limit. The daily order limit was reached at 8.30am 2 hours after the reopeneing, so they were forced to shut their website once more to new orders.

Will NEXT be opening again?

Yes, NEXT plan to reopen each and every morning at 7am UK time.

Will reopen too?

There is no news about the reopening time of the international stores. Currently the status of international shipping from NEXT is that online orders will resume at a later date.

A statement left by NEXT on their webite states:

“In order to operate our warehouse safely, we are limiting the number of warehouse colleagues working at any time,
and so we will limit the number of customer orders we can take each day.

We have successfully tested opening and taking a limited number of orders today. Please come back again tomorrow morning.”

What essential items are NEXT selling?

Currently it looks, from the sections added to their website, that the essential products for sale are:

  • Boy’s and girl’s clothing
  • Baby clothes and essentials
  • Bedding
  • Home accessories
  • Kitchen

Other products may be available too. What are non-essential items?





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