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Today, beacause the Coronaviris has made shopping, in most parts of the world, difficult, we have decided to create some fun shopping related quizzes for you to take as a fun quarantine activity!

The idea is that all the quizzes we take will be related to shopping and shops from all over the world. They will be fun and interesting, and we may at some point award some prizes to the best quizzers.

The first 2 Quizzes.

1. Can you guess the correct brand from these logos?

This quiz is just 10 questions, we show you a brand logo and ask you to gues,s from 4 choices, what the brand name is.

2. Can you name which country these famous departments stores are located in?

There are lots of famous department stores all over the world, normally in major or capital cities, here we list 10 of the most well known and luxurious. Can you name which country they are in?

More Quizzes to come.

We are currently creating more quizzes. If you have any ideas or would like to create one here, please get in touch! There is no need to join to take our quizzes, and we do not collect any personal information, they are free to play!

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