International shopping USA style.

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No one does shopping quite like the USA. In America capitailsm is King and you can buy the best, and biggest, of everything. Probably.

The whole world looks to the US for inspiration and cutting edge products, especially in tech, where companies such as Apple and their iPhones and Macs and Google with their Android mobile software, have taken the gadget and mobile, or cell phone world by storm. iFanbois throughout the planet follow what those corporations do and say with bated breath and itchy fingers.

The latest iPad release or the next Nexus is as important to the millions (& billions) in India, China and Australia as it is to those residents of Rhode Island or denizens of Denver. 

Likewise American fashion is number one internationally. We all love to wear hoodies, like the ultra cool geek Mark Zuckerberg, whose website he cobbled together in his Harvard dorm room has taken over the internet, literally. Steve Jobs was famous for wearing his black turtle neck, jeans and trainers – were they Nike? Probably.

However old you are and whatever you like to wear there is a famous and popular shop in the USA to cater for your needs, if you want quality affordable baby clothes, then who can leave the house without wearing something from Abercrombie Kids or Janie and Jack?  Women of the world know what the American women know and that is you can always find a bargain at Chicwish or Nasty Gal, the website that was started as an eBay shop (now that is another American institution that has taken over the world! – well almost).

International dapper men shop at Jos. A Bank, Brooks Brothers and a whole host of shops that are known throughout the universe for their style and price.

So tech and clothes are two things that those nice people of the USA do very well. And thanks to the US who embraced and made popular the internet before anyone else in the world had properly understood what it could do, we can now all buy their products from wherever we are in the world. International shopping from the USA has never been easier and what’s more those pioneers of the internet frontier also, in many cases, are happy to offer free international shipping so your goods can be delivered to Delhi, or shipped to Singapore gratis, that is without any extra cost! What is not to love about our American friends?

So without any further ado, get shopping and, of course, have a nice day!






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