Find products on eBay that ship to your country

It can be quite difficult, sometimes, to find something on eBay, such as an iPhone, that can be shipped overseas, to your country.

If you search for an iphone, or other product, the shipping information may tell you that it ships worldwide but, you still have to click on the 'see details' tab to find out more information. And, of course, when you do click through, it may say that the product cannot be shipped internationally to your country.

There is an easy way to find only the products that can be shipped to the country you select. The video shows you how to do it.

1. Click on Advanced - next to the eBay search button.

2. Scroll down to location

3. Select from preferred locations, Worldwide.

4. Do a search in the search bar.

Once you have done this only products that deliver to the country you have selected will be shown.

eBay international shipping details