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12 Women’s Activewear Clothes to Get You Going

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While the world is going through a global pandemic that is no less than a revolution, we are all wondering what can be done while being locked down safe in our fortresses. It’s tough not to binge-watch series and become a couch potato while barely having nothing to do except work, sleep, eat, repeat.

Women who had something or the other going on in their busy schedules, be it their morning walks, regular workout in the gyms, work in the offices, or kitchen and kids, have nothing to do now. They may go crazy in the time of this Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

We are here with a list of 10 activewear clothes for women from and Global that may almost entice you to get that out the yoga mat and burn some calories or to re-energize and not lose yourself to boredom and stagnation!

1. Kaider Capris. High waisted tummy control leggings –  Rs. 775.16

This high-waist tummy control leggings are one of the most comfortable active wears. It is comfortable and perfect for both workout and yoga in your living room. Whether you have a busy household with kids or you live alone, this sweat absorbent quality-product can help you move around and do your chores at ease. The uneasy sensation of wearing leggings are barely felt while you move around.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Elastic fit
  • Improves Blood Circulation and relax muscle fatigue
  • High Waistband pockets

Get it here from AmazonGlobal.

2. Hotexy Workout 2 Piece Set. Yoga leggings and stretch sports gym bra. Rs. 1861.48

This Hotexy women’s workout set includes high-waisted yoga leggings with a stretch sports bra gym, which is apt for the approaching summers and some action-packed workout-sessions at home.

If you live in an apartment and have a regular workout routine, don’t lose it to the quarantine. Get your gym clothes out and have some fun while you go about your routine.


  • The sewing lines offer a great support to your body
  • The material is ultra-lightweight and has an enhanced airflow
  • Suitable for workout and trainings
  • Available in different shades

Get it here from AmazonGlobal.

3. 90 Degree by Reflex High Waist leggings with ziper pocket Rs. 2016.67

The 90 Degree by Reflex High-Waist Fleece leggings got some amazing reviews on Amazon Global and is found to be one of the most loved products. Although you’re home, work is never too far and calls are something you cannot afford to miss.

Hence, these fleece leggings are perfect for some fun activities and having your work right in your pocket for emergency work calls. Lockdown does not mean you’re far from work or sit around bored.


  • Offers gentle compression to streamline your silhouette and help you feel your best
  • Ultra-comfortable everyday wear
  • Durable and perfect activewear for fitness enthusiasts

Get it here on AmazonGlobal.

4. Amazon Brand Jacquard Mesh Cropped Workout T-Shirt

Amazon brings you a core women’s workout t-shirt available in different sizes and shades for your summer workout session that is versatile in utility. India’s summer almost makes you want to tear your clothes apart and working out is terrible if you don’t have the appropriate gear.

Hence, get yourself these super-comfortable t-shirts that can be useful in this quarantine in home sessions where hitting the tracks for fresh air is not an option.


  • Lightweight and moisture wicking
  • Relaxed fit
  • Stylish and allows room for movement

Get it here on AmazonGlobal

5. Nike Yoga Jumpsuit. $86.85 US

The Nike Yoga Jumpsuit by is another active wear that is both comfortable and easy to carry around. Jumpsuits are in trend, so why not take it to the gym too? Even without realizing, our dress highly affects our mood, and looking good is never a bad idea even when you’re at home.

Get these jumpsuits from ASOS and jump around in an active workout session at home. It’s time to stop making excuses and utilize this time to do something for your health and body.


  • Regular fit and perfect for yoga
  • Side pockets and racer back
  • Stretchable and has a scooped neck

Ge it here from

 6. HIIT Streetwear Logo T-Shirt by ASOS. $15.79 US

HIIT workout sessions are appropriate to perform at home, without equipment and yet have an effective result in your body. If you’re staying at home make sure it burns some fat for you and by the time we go out to the gym you don’t have to restart working on your body.

ASOS brings you the perfect wear for HIIT workout that are comfortable and proper fit for the high intensity training. After all, fashion shouldn’t always stick to runways.


  • Mesh panels with handy zip pockets
  • Crew neck and HIIT Logo
  • Regular fit with a cropped look
  • Room for movements and moisture wick

Ge it here from

 7. Adidas three stripe Leggings. $60 from ASOS

Adidas is one of the widely recognized activewear brands all over the world and ASOS is here with classic white three-stripe branding leggings that are super skinny and stretchable to wear at home and get going.

A brand that is both reliable and has provided some of the best activewear trends, it’s a must for gym freaks and fitness-conscious people.


  • Stretchable waistband
  • Fashionable activewear
  • Extra tight cut
  • Smooth jersey material

Get it here from

8. Nike PRO Training Shorts. $34.74 from

Training shorts are one of the perfect things to casually roam around in or take up heaving challenging activities that has you sweating. ASOS has these amazing Nike Pro training shorts that are perfect for your exercise.

Toned body is a dream for many; don’t make the activities boring with boring pajamas, get these training shorts and bring some spice in your otherwise tough sessions.


  • High waist raise with branded design
  • Designed to fit the way you move
  • Bodycon fit and holds tight while you work
  • Smooth stretchable fabric
  • 3” shorts available in different shades

Get it here from ASOS.ocm

9.  Epic MMA 3” Women stretch booty shorts Rs. 775 from

Funk never goes out of trend and wearing something funky helps boost your energy to begin your routine with a kick start. Amazon Global has these 3” stretchable shorts that have some amazing reviews.

Get these shorts on and get on with your training. Squats, push ups or cycling, you can wear this for all activities. It is now available in dark colors as well.


  • Great inseam length
  • Stretchable fabric
  • Polyester and spandex materials
  • Flat lock stitching

Ger it here from

10. Nike Yoga Tank Top $34.74 from

Tank tops are essential for summer workout and perfect for a daily dozen. They are super snug and a daily wear for women who have just begun their workout and have not hit the hard stuff yet. Be it meditation and yoga or just a normal jog in your backyard, it’s perfect for your training.


  • Round neck and sleeveless design
  • Smooth and stretchable fabric
  • Lightweight design
  • Cut out sides and regular fit

Get it here from

11. Under Armour Tech Women’s Shorts Rs. 995 from AmazonGlobal

Another recomendable product on Amazon Global is the Under Armour Tech Twist Shorts that are super soft and have a loose fit making it a congenial wear for workouts.  You can always wear them at home and the material is smooth on the skin as well.

The anti-odor properties and external drawcord are the added benefits of the short for exercises and summer sessions.


  • Machine wash
  • Dries fast and wicks sweat
  • Soft and covered waistband elastic
  • Ergonomic shaped hem with athletic binding details

Get it here from AmazonGlobal

12. ASOS 4505 Leopard Print Cropped Contoured Leggings 

Workout is all about enhancing your body and your personality, so why not make your training equally cool and trendy? This leopard print cropped leggings by ASOS is another useful material that is fashion forward and stylish.

Trends in activewear makes workout fun-filled too! ASOS is therefore here with a high performing kit and amazing clothes.


  • High rise
  • Bodycon fit
  • Cropped length
  • Lightweight jersey
  • Soft stretchable material

Get it here at


It is not that one always gets such long holidays or a global lockdown that has everyone pushed into their home. While everyone looks forward to holidays to try something new or something productive, they rarely act upon it and find sleep or relaxation an easier option.

Now that you have so much free time and don’t have much to do, you can always get over your excuses and laziness and actually try out some awesome workouts, reading that book, working on your passion and researching more about the global fashion trend of late.

For many of us, fashion and clothes are comfortable and some even thrive on getting these international fashions in their wardrobes, so let us bring it into our routine workouts and daily wears which boost our confidence and help us look good.

No matter whether it is quarantine, coronavirus lockdown or just another day at home, make sure you have the right gear from some amazing sites with the best products for you. Both Amazon Global and ASOS have some amazing collections looking after your needs and comfort.

Now in any part of India; these global shops now have an option of International Delivery as well.

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