EU-UK delivery changes due to Brexit.

Brexit causes delivery issues when shopping between EU and UK

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As we close in on the end of the UK’s transition period for leaving the EU, more and more shoppers are reporting issues when they shop online between the Eu and the UK. We have already looked at VAT for Irish shoppers, the news is full of stories of delays at ports for shipping companies and we are unaware of the terms of any deal that could be signed which makes itvery difficult for shops to plan.

The latest stories emerging are for shoppers who wish to buy something from the EU with delivery to the UK and vice-versa, shoppers who are in the EU and are shopping from the UK. Because of the uncertainty, the extra paperwork at customs that is likely and the awaiting increase in VAT or import duties (although no-one really knows what this will be) some shops have decided not to ship to the EU from the UK or from the UK to the EU. 

Some of those shops that are continuing to deliver across the border have increased their delivery rates quite substantially to cover increased shipping costs and any other unforseen costs that may occur.

We are going to look at consumer shopping, but it is likely that these delivery issues are also affecting businesses too.

Whilst this is probably a short-tem issue it is affecting shoppers who wish to buy before Christmas or shopping for the new year, it is having a very real impact on people’s lives.

Shipping fees increased

Bunk Bed

Here is Times Journalist Kaya Burgess complaining that the delivery charge for a bespoke bunk bed that he wants to buy from Germany has increased to £80. The original shipping fee was £20.

Ceasing delivery between UK and EU


@cross1wire on Twitter has received an email from the clothing store informing shoppers that they will no longer be delivering to the EU from 13 December 2020 due to the Brexit uncertainty.


DHL parcel international and connect services have stopped shipping between the EU and the UK.


Hornby the model train company whose brands include Airfix, Corgi and Scalextric have announced that they will suspend all non-UK orders until 4 January 2021. This is rest of world orders not just EU orders, but the blame clearly lies with Brexit and the surrounding uncertainties.


Zooplus is an online pet food store, they are restricting what products can be shipped from their UK business. They do have international businesses that service some countries within the EU. Zooplus information, preparing for Brexit can be found following the link.


From 1 January 2021 Amazon will require all FBA sellersin the Uk to ship their products to warehouses within the EU for fulfillment. Sellers who do not will miss out on EU sales.

We willcontinue to update this page with more Brexit related shipping news as when it is reported.






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