BorderFree: What are your experiences?

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A relatively little known company from the USA raised some money via IPO on the NY Stock Exchange (NYSE) a few days ago. The company is a shipping and logistics company called

Do you have any reviews of BorderFree or would like to share your experiences if you have shopped with them?

Borderfree is well known to international shoppers, as it provides many US shops and websites to sell their wares worldwide. They provide the shopping cart software, payment processing and shipping for overseas and international packages for many of the most popular American shopping internet sites.

You may or may not be aware of it, but when you shop from overseas at websites such as Saks 5th Avenue, JC Penney, Tilly’s, Land’s End and many more shops you are buying via Borderfree.

They are helping to open up many of the world’s best known shops to millions of new shoppers from all over the world. We have listed some of their shops here on, and I am sure many more will be added in due course.

The money that they raised on the stock exchange was about $80million, their share price opened at $16. Whilst I don’t know exactly what they will do with the money, it is a pretty good guess that some of it will be invested in growing the business and adding more shops and services.

I wish all the best. I have never used their service, so I cannot really comment except about their prices and delivery times, which we include on the shops pages and in our unbiased Editor Reviews.

So, what we would like is to hear some feedback and experiences from some of their customers. Have you used Borderfree international delivery? Please let us know if your stuff was delivered on time, and how you would rate Borderfree’s shipping and international delivery service.


I have recently read that BorderFree is now owned by Pitney Bowes, who purchased the company as part of their new strategy that identified cross border shopping as a growth and valuable area in which to diversify. Pitney Bowes paid $395million at $14 per share on June 10th 2015. Here is a copy of the press release.

What is your review or experience?

Has anyone noticed a change in the service since this takeover? Has Borderfree got better or worse, or perhaps there is no discernible difference?

As always please post your comments and Borderfree reviews below. Good experiences wanted too please – we try to be unbiased!






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