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Where to buy makeup online with free shipping

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With so many shops and stores around the world selling many different brands of makeup, cosmetics and beauty products for your skin, it can be difficult to find high quality products that are cheap. An added bonus is to find stores that offer free delivery or shipping to your address wherever you are in the world. It is possible to find free international shipping on many make-up brands, and here in this guide we will try and show you some of the best.

Can I get free shipping on my makeup or perfume shopping?

We will make a list of beauty and cosmetic stores that offer free shipping in one for or another. If there is a minimum spend threshold we will list it as well as shops that like to offer regular coupon codes that include free shipping. This way you should be able to get your next makeup delivered with free shipping! We look at store that offer free shipping to the USA and overseas.

StoreFromUS deliveryInternational delivery
Colourpop.comUSAFree over $30Free over $60
Skinstore.comInternationalFree over $49Worldwide. Flat rate $15
AmazonUSAFree with Prime$4.99 per shipment. $2.99 per item
TarteUSAFree over $65Free with minimum spend
Strawberrynet.comHKFree with minimum spendFree with minimum spend
Feelunique.comUKFree over £20Free with minimum spend
Beautylish.comUSAFree over $35Free over $35
TheBeautyStore.comUKFree over $85Free over £25 or $50
Beautybay.comUKFree over $50Flat rate
Sigmabeauty.comUSAFree over $50Free over $150
More to follow..   
Make-up shops with free shipping

*Minimum spend levels can vary according to delivery country.

Here is a quick run down on the details of the listed make-up shops.


Awarded baest budget brand and most innovative brand, they offer bright and fun makeup and skincare products. Free shipping worldwide is available with a minimum spend.


Large selection of many brands, part of the Look Fantastic Group. Free shipping is available.


Worth including for their sheer size, free shipping is limited nowadays, best option is with Amazon Prime.

Tarte Cosmetics

Popular own branded beauty products that are completely natural, a large selection and good free shipping offer with delivery worldwide.


Lots of delivery options including free shipping, they have a large selection and ship out of Hong Kong.

Feel Unique

From the Uk with many international shipping options. Many different brand sold.


Lots of different brands in all categories. Free shipping available.

The Beauty Store

All the big brands sold, free shipping available from the UK to worldwide.

Beauty Bay

Country specific minimum spends for free shipping, and free for over $50 to the USA. Lots of brands on sale here.

Sigma Beauty

Vegan cosmetics, free shipping to the USA and globally with minimum spends.

We will be adding more makeup stores for more countries as we go. At the moment you will find that the above will deliver to most countries in the world and for some the minimum spend is the same as for domestic shipping. Note: We also have a guide to some of the best stores for makeup with international shipping, where we focus just on international shipping and some shops that are friendly to freight forwarders.

Facts about Perfume?

  1. The oldest known perfume dates back to Ancient Egypt, around 4,000 years ago.
  2. The world’s most expensive perfume is Clive Christian No. 1, costing $2,350 for an ounce.
  3. The average person applies about 9-10 sprays of perfume or cologne daily.
  4. The scent of a perfume can trigger memories and emotions.
  5. The word “perfume” comes from the Latin “per fumum”, meaning “through smoke”.
  6. The most popular notes in perfume are citrus, floral and musk.
  7. Perfumes can have up to 300 ingredients.
  8. Some perfumes are made with whale secretions, called ambergris.
  9. Perfume can be made from plants, fruits, spices, and even animal scents.
  10. The average bottle of perfume lasts about six months, if stored correctly.

What is free shipping (free delivery)?

Shops tend to offer free shipping as an incentive to buy from them, but it means that you won’t have the extra cost of paying for the courier or postal company to deliver the purchases to your house. This doesn’t mean that the courier will not be paid, instead the shop or store pays them out of the money you have paid them for your shopping.

One way to ensure that the shop can afford to pay the shipping cost on your behalf is to ask you to spend over a certain amount, a minimum spend threshold, in order to qualify for free shipping. An example: if you spend, say $100 for instance, the store should then should be able to pay the courier for delivery and still make a profit on the sale. Of course, you may only want to spend $80, so by offering free shipping over a minimum spend threshold, they may convince you to spend more than you might have done without the free delivery incentive. This, at least, is how it works in theory.

Another free shipping incentive that shops like to offer is through a promotional code or coupon. Many shops will offer, from time to time, a free delivery coupon code, they key here is to find it and use it when you are looking to buy.






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