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On 15th September 2021, Apple showcased their new products, the flagship of which is the iPhone 13. Similar in appearance to the iPhone 12 it was greeted among the Apple community with only a small amount of cheer, as the new products were seen to be quite similar to the old ones. Will they become best sellers and keep the buyers happy? The answer is likely to be a yes.

The new products that were introduced at the Apple event included the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, and the new iPad mini and iPad.

iPhone 13 Pro

The main features of this model include a better camera system, a new OLED display with ProMotion and a better battery which will provide longer usage between charges.

iPhone 13

Although similar in looks to the iPhone 12, the cameras on the rear are arranged in a diagonal formation, which Apple claims is their best dual camera system. A new OLED display and better battery life. Apple have improved the chip to give, what they say is, lightening fast and leaves the competition behind.

Series 7 Apple Watch

Durability is a watch word of the new watch, as well as having an Always-on Retina display. Health innovations include an electrical heart sensor and ECG app.

iPad mini

The iPad mini gets a makeover by Apple. The new A15 microprocessor chip,all screen design and a front camera with Ultra-Wide lens. More colours are available if you like your Apple products to be colorful.


The new for 2021 iPad also gets a new chip and wide angle camera, more storage comes as standard with 64Gb being the starting point for RAM.

International Shipping

The Apple iPhone 13 will be available for purchase on the 24th September 2021, although this date might differ between countries around the world. The iPhone 12 is still available to purchase worldwide.

Buying can be done through the Apple webstore at for shoppers in the USA. Each country has their own Apple store, it is not possible to buy from the USA store and have the Apple item delivered to a different country.

We have discussed the availability and ability to buy an iPhone from abroad here, Can I buy an iPhone from abroad? It is possible to buy one from overseas, but it is not always recommended. A good place to try and look for Apple products is Amazon Global and of course an auction site such as, as long as you can find sellers who are willing to ship worldwide at a price you are willing to pay.

US Shipping address

You could get a US shipping address and get one sent to you by a package forwarder. We have a handy comparison tool here to help you look for the best USA address companies.






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