5 USA online shoe shops with international shipping

Shoes, boots and footwear in general is one of the most popular shopping items that people love to buy over the internet and the USA offers a wide choice of shoes online of all shapes, sizes and type. Some of the best USA online shoe shops offer international shipping so it is easy to access their wares from anywhere in the world.

Here we take a look at 7 of the best shoes shops from the good ole US of A! This guide has been updated to include two more (bonus!) global giant stores that sell shoes and footwear with international shipping.

Shoe shopping Online from the USA

Which are the best shoe stores in the USA which offer international shipping? Here is our list of 5 (or 7) of the best! These boots were made for walking so walk over (metaphorically!) to these online shops and buy your latest pair of footwear with a simple click or two of the mouse.

1. Shoes.com

The clue is in the domain name for this shop, very defiantly announcing exactly what it sells! Shoes.com. USA based Shoes.com provide worldwide delivery through the ecommerce provider Borderfree inc. Which means that they handle all currency payments, fulfillment and delivery to your address across the other side of the world, to over 100 countries. (You can find out more about and leave Borderfree reviews here.)

Shoes.com sell a large range of brands, in fact practically every brand you have ever heard of. They claim there are over 460 brands listed. They sell shoes for Men, Women and Kids and also sell bags and some clothing. You won't fail to find something here whatever you are into UGGs, AEROSOLES, or whatever. Shoes also have a good selection of Steve Madden and Frye Boots.

2. OnlineShoes.com

Another one with a good shoe selling name is OnlineShoes.com. They sell shoes online too from the US! In fact they are related to Shoes.com in that they both have had investments made in them by Canadian investor Roger Hardy. They too use Borderfree for fulfillment, and sell many of the same footwear, but are probably worth a look for comparison.

3. Altitude Shoes

Their website is at Altitudelifehacks.com. A great thing about the internet is it makes it possible for people in one country to buy stuff from another country which is just impossible to buy locally. This is true for all these shops, but in particular a specialist one like Altitude Shoes, that is because they sell height increasing shoes, which aren't always easy to buy. These are the type of shoes that will make you look taller. Altitude shoes use their HQHI (High Quality Height Increasing) Insoles™) and they look and feel like many ordinary types of footwear but will give the wearer that extra lift. The shoes are shipped and exported from their warehouses in the USA, UK and Europe.

Altitude Life Hacks sell dress shoes, sports shoes and casual footwear and insoles for all who want a little extra height.

4. Designer Shoe Warehouse

Designer shoe warehouse or DSW.com as they are also known, is a big online US Shoe store, they also have physical stores around the USA. DSW use MyUS.com the package forwarder to ship package internationally. They don't offer payment in different currencies, so you may need to look at a USA Billing Address.

5. Planet Shoes

PlanetShoes.com have a whole Made in the USA range and section of their website, so if you are looking for USA shoes this is a great place to start. Once again Planet Shoes use a shipping partner and they don't ship to all countries, but they have a list of about 60 on their website store.


Here are 2 bonus shoe stores with worldwide delivery.

6. AmazonGlobal shoes

Amazon.com/Shoes sell a wide variety of shoes as you would expect. They have a good international shipping policy to about 30 countries, and qualifying shoes can be shipped for free around the world.

7. ASOS.com

ASOS.com/Shoes from the UK (not the USA) offers free international shipping for shoes to most countries including Australia, Canada and India. They sell high-street fashion and also other styles.

Discount USA shoes for sale.

Many of the above USA shoe shops offer international coupon codes or free worldwide shipping from time to time, so it is always worth checking back to see what offers you can find especially at the end of season.

Popular shoe types.

What shoe type are you after purchasing? Here is a round up of some of the most popular styles on the market.


Heeled shoes are not flat but have a high heel, normally a type of women's shoes with a variety of styles including strappy sandals and court shoes without straps, wedges are a type of heel shoe that look like the name implies.


Boots are longer and higher footwear types and are available for men and women. Women's may go up to and above the knee and can be warm and waterproof for winter or can be worn at other time of the year too, there are many different type of boot.


This is a casual shoes made, usually of soft fabric with a rubber or synthetic sole. The name came about from tennis shoes and were called sneaker because they have soft sole which makes little noise when walking in them as opposed to leather soled hard shoes.


These are popular in Summer, in the UK they are called flip-flop because of the flexible soles, but in Australia they are called thongs, and in NZ they are known as jandals. Best to leave it there!

A larger selection of international shoe shops can be found on this page, including ones from the UK.