The EU is introducing new rules for online shopping parcel delivery between EU countries. These new rules will that MEPs proposed on 13th March 2018 aim to make cross border parcel delivery more transparent. The hope is that the cost of delivering international shopping from one member state to another will be cut.

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular UK online clothes shops that sell British style, at this Christmas time of year. Some have physical stores as well, and most aim their products to women and kids. They are not as well known as the older larger clothing shops but are proving very popular with growing customers and sales especially their international orders.

Black Friday online deals day, which is also known in the USA as Thanksgiving deals day on the internet is the biggest day of the year for online deals and offers.

When is Black Friday Online Deals Day 2017?

The countdown to Black Friday 2017 has begun, this year the date for the biggest shopping event of the year is 24th November. This is the year worldwide when shops will discount their goods in the hope of a pre-Christmas sales boost. So where to find the best deals and discounts from all over the world.

We take a look at some of the best online stores from around the world that sell dresses. There are many of them, but our list is just a bitesized peak at some that offer international shipping and their international delivery policies. A list of 5 dress shops that you may or may not have heard of before.

On the the 13th September 2017 Apple announced the launch of their most eagerly awaited product ever, their new mobile phone: a new iPhone. This iPhone which has an edge to edge screen and famously facial recognition, is called the iPhone X - doing away with the numerical ordering system of previous models. You may have noticed the price? $1000 in the US and the same in pounds in the UK. So it begs the question: is it cheaper to buy the iPhone X from the USA and ship it the UK?

Credit cards are no doubt best when it comes to making international or forex transactions. All the Indian banks today have the option to pick an international credit/debit card. They come in handy even when you are transacting on international websites for online shopping or anything else. But what really matters is the cost of the transaction and you do not want to pick just any card. Every foreign currency transaction can attract a mark up. There are some good cards that help you save with every transaction you make.

Online shopping has become a necessity and is no longer just a fad. But you may have come across websites that do not ship to international destinations. There are times when you badly need it and the product has no other local seller. So if you are planning to buy something from a store in the USA or any other country but are unable to do so because the site does not ship to your country, do not worry. There are alternates to traditional parcel providers. These companies ship your favourite products to your doorstep whether or not the shopping website has international shipping option. It is easy to compare the best forwarding companies here.


Are you crazy about the ‘Made in USA’ tag? Don’t wait for your cousin there to bring you gifts; shop online. You can buy straight up from an American website and get the goods delivered right upto your doorstep in India. Here are few recommendations:


Have you been scouting for international cosmetic brands known to charge up the natural beauty women possess? The click-pay-receive world of online cosmetics will add the zing you have been looking for. Simply select one of these from our list of six makeup stores with international shipping and top up your collection with the best-known global cosmetics.

If you are an expat Indian living outside India and want to purchase something from your country, twenty years back you had two options: Buy what you like when you visit India or asking someone who is travelling from India to shop for you. Thanks to online shopping, you’ve got plenty of top choices for international shopping. Today, there are many quality online stores that deliver products from India right at your doorstep worldwide.

Here is a roundup list of seven of the best Indian shopping sites that ship their products to international destinations:

We have just updated out reviews for the package forwarders and overseas virtual shopping address companies in our database. Find out more about how this can help you choose the best one for you.

Buying kids and baby clothes online is very popular around the world, with many many options available to new mums or those wishing to buy the new arrival a gift. Here we take a look at 8 international shops that sell baby clothes. We believe that the pick of the crop is Mothercare, the UK based baby and toddler clothing store which delivers worldwide.

Today we are gong to explore the top ten online shopping websites in Pakistan. Pakistan's developing online economy, which is the 24th largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), according to Wikipedia,is growing quickly, like it's neighbour India, it is full of a growing 'middle class' who are able to afford an ever increasing amount of consumer goods, which bodes well for the country's online economy. So, what are the top 10 best online shops in Pakistan? Here is our list.

We have researched and investigated a large number of musical instrument shops selling guitars, from all over the world, with international shipping and it is our opinion based on breadth and depth of guitars for sale and the amount of countries worldwide that they ship to that is our top pick.

International expansion for mean should mean they can sell more clothing ad fashion items in their overseas territories, such as North America. International sales is a key part of their strategy and they claim to have over 7 million worldwide shoppers.

TM Lewin offer affordable men's and women's formal clothes especially suits and shirts, and offer a good international shipping policy which covers most countries in the world.

After researching shops that sell Adidas and offer international shipping, we think that is probably the best place to buy your next pair of Adidas sneakers from. This is because they have large range, and whilst not the cheapest, do offer good worldwide delivery. Read on for our list of 6 of the best Adidas retailers.

Need a US address for postal or shopping  delivery when international shopping? We've taken a good look at some of the main providers and compared services, fees and reviews. There are many of them and each seems to provide a good service depending upon what level of service you require. Shipping fees vary considerably between companies and service levels, some focus on shipping to certain regions such as Asia, others have a more all round service and can ship to 200 countries, so there should be something for everyone. Our pick as the best all rounder is You may or may not find them to be the best for you, but for most people with an average amount of yearly international shopping they should provide you with a service at prices you will be happy with.

International shoppers are taking advantage of the fall in the value of the British Pound and snapping up bargains at UK online shops which deliver worldwide. Low Sterling means that shoppers with other currencies, such as Dollars, can buy UK goods more cheaply as thy can exchange more money to the Pound.

One of this year's most popular trends or styles for the home is that of a home by the sea, often called coastal or nautical style it comprises use of simple muted coloured decor and homeware to create the natural living feeling of fresh air calm and elegance of living on the coast.

The UK's decision via referendum to leave the EU will have mixed effects on shopping patterns for international shoppers. Whilst it is not known yet exactly how and when the UK will leave the UK, and what the terms of trade will be between the UK, the EU and the rest of the world, it is possible to make some assumptions and examine the outcomes.

Online cross border or international shopping is popular in Britain with 36% of shoppers saying they have shopped from online shops in other countries in 2015, according to a recent PayPal* survey.,, and being among the more popular.

Here is a round up of the best online beauty and makeup stores from all over the world which offer worldwide shipping. Cosmetics and makeup are easy products to buy from overseas and it means that there is more choice to just shopping at the shops from home, plus many of them offer free worldwide delivery and big discounts! offer a large amount of beauty products and have good international shipping

Asian countries are famous the world over for creating and manufacturing great, and often cheap, electrical goods and electronics. Countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and China have been making gadgets, TVs, phones, music players and much more for decades now.

It is also a given that many of their shops are cheaper than their western counterparts and many people buy cameras and electronics when they visit them on holiday or business. But, you can also buy from some of these over the internet, as many Asian shops offer international shipping. Our top pick is or DealExtreme from Hong Kong and have a huge range of products.

Middle Eastern customers of the UK's department store Marks and Spencer have, from today, a new website to visit selling M&S products with delivery across 5 countries; UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Launching in co-operation with their franchise partner in the area Al-Futtaim the country specific website, available in Arabic and English languages will deliver Marks and Spencer products direct to customer's in the region's doors.

Alexa Chung is to collaborate with Marks and Spencer to curate a new special collection of women's clothing inspired by their archive. Archive by Alexa which was announced exclusively by will be made up of 31 ready to wear items and be ready to launch in April 2016.

We have all heard of cross border shopping. Indeed our aim is to help shoppers from all over the world with their overseas purchases and cross border shopping. 

Shoppers can choose to buy products from shops all over the world, and find products and prices that might not be available in their own country. But what if that concept was adapted to the finance sector. A European cross-border credit marketplace, an online space for borrowing and lending money across borders.

Shoes, boots and footwear in general is one of the most popular shopping items that people love to buy over the internet and the USA offers a wide choice of shoes online of all shapes, sizes and type. Some of the best USA online shoe shops offer international shipping so it is easy to access their wares from anywhere in the world.

Here we take a look at 7 of the best shoes shops from the good ole US of A! This guide has been updated to include two more (bonus!) global giant stores that sell shoes and footwear with international shipping.

Michelle Obama stunned America in her marigold dress by designer Narciso Rodriguez at her husband's State of the Union Address. Discounted for Black Friday at it was sold out within minutes of her appearing it in.

Hot on the heels of Boohoo's international announcement and not to be out done, the darling of the UK and European clothing and fashion online world ASOS also reports an increase in international sales. A jump on last years numbers of 28%.

ASOS, which used to be known as As Seen on Screen before it focused on selling trends, fashion and clothing is well known the world over for offering free international shipping to many countries worldwide.

How do people in India like to spend their free time while on the internet. Well a recent announcement by a well known adult website has revealed that watching adult pictures and movies, is one of the ways. India now provides the third largest traffic source to PornHub in the world, behind the USA and the UK.

The Bollywood and adult star Sunny Leone is said to be one of the reasons. So here for all the romantic Indians, and others, is a list of the best worldwide adult and stores selling lingerie and sexy bras, panties & underwear with international delivery to India and other countries! is a UK online clothing retailer which sells the latest fashions and trends for men and women. Set up by two suppliers to more traditional offline stores, they are able to create own label and brand clothing, shoes and accessories to meet the very latest cutting edge trends and they can sell internationally with their multi country enabled website. They claim to be "The Global Fashion Leader for a Social Generation".

Boohoo announce a 45% rise in sales for the last quarter of 2015 and a 52% increase in worldwide sales.

There are a number of reasons why we started, and avoiding online shopping disasters is very much one of them. We try to help you to make the best shopping decisions when buying from overseas, but sometimes it does not always go to plan and badly or wrongly described products or just plain scams can leave some shoppers looking rather silly.

Here is a light hearted look at some of those shopping disasters. Here are some photos of some shoppers who bought items from China and did not quite receive what they expected.

Here are six fun ways different countries, Australia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Poland and Sweden celebrate Christmas. Get a taste of how people in other countries celebrate the big day with our info-graphic Christmas image.

How do you celebrate Christmas in your country?

The 7th installment of the Star Wars franchise is called The Force Awakens, and unless you've been living under the sea these past few weeks, you'll know it has opened at the cinema recently in 2015.

This episode of the space franchise created by George Lucas is directed by JJ Abrams and stars all the old actors, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. Find out how to buy Star Wars stuff with international shipping.

The below is a reply, on Twitter, to a query posed by an international shopper regarding shopping at Harrods using worldwide delivery from Borderfree. The comment appeared here and we tried to help by raising the issue with Borderfree. This is their answer:

So you want the latest European fashion from your favourite online store and you want it delivered to Australia? You want the new Apple iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6) and you want it delivered to Dubai. Or India? We're comparing Borderlinx vs MyUs!

Through our partnership with is a common sight to many international shoppers who buy from shops in the US and the UK. Borderfree is an ecommerce service provider who specalises in global payments and shipping services. They help online retailers to sell and ship their wares to all parts of the globe. Cross border shipping as it is properly called. It is a big channel for many online shops.

vPost, comGateway, Borderlinx, Aramex Shop and Ship, MyUS and many more.... Which are the best companies for buying from overseas, especially the USA, UK or Europe, with a virtual address, and then have your purchased packages shipped back to your country via their mail forwarding service?

One popular way for people to shop internationally, instead of buying direct from an online shop that will ship direct to you overseas, is to use a company who will supply you with a domestic shipping address for the country you wish to buy from. 

We all have a good idea about which countries in the world are more expensive than others? We've all been abroad and bought a meal, or a new shirt and are aware of the price differences between overseas and home and between the different countries we've been to. But how do we know for sure which country is the cheapest or the most expensive, and can this information help with online international shopping?

For instance, where is the cheapest country in the world to buy an Apple iPhone 6 in 2015?, the Italian clothes internet retailer which offers worldwide shipping is to buy the upscale fashion website

The oil price is plummeting, Russia is feeling the pinch and that is getting tighter with the US and European sanctions that have been levied against them. All this economic pain is causing a huge drop in the value of their currency, the Rouble; which fell over 19% yesterday alone. 


Black Friday and Cyber Monday shops in America for delivery to the UK 2014.

1. OASAP - Womens fashion, USA - Thanksgiving sale. Up to 80% off plus $15 off any $69 with coupon code 15-69 order plus free international shipping. Pay in GBP.

 2. Chicwish - Womens fashion indie designs, USA - Shop and Save. 30% off 2 items code FIRST30 35% off 3 items code ADD35. Free international shipping. Pay in GBP

Black Friday in the USA is November 28th 2014. It is the day of the year with the biggest discounts with shops falling over themselves to offer the best deals to sell as much as possible in the run up to Christmas. The following day is Super Saturday and then there is Cyber Monday; two more shopping days of deals and discounts and coupon codes.

Many people ask us which online shops are the best for worldwide delivery, so here is a list of what we consider to be the top 10 international online stores with free shipping. These are some of the most popular shopping websites that offer international delivery and score highly for the cost and service of delivery and also for the quality and breadth of range of their products.

Agree disagree? Leave a comment...


Independence Day, or the Fourth of July, is the day when the USA, or United States of America, declared its independence from Great Britain. The year was 1776, and of course, the day over 200 years ago is just as important to the people of America as it was then. 

The National Day of The US is a federal holiday and a time for barbeques, parties and celebration. This being America, it is also a time for shop sales. The stores of America across the country will be offering bargains and deals to Summer shoppers. The 4th of July is just one day in the Summer Sales that will spread throughout June and July.

Recently the Indian government has started to do something about increasing exports to the country. One step it took was to double the import duty on sugar. This will hopefully improve the fortunes of the domestic supplies and manufacturers of sugar and it's related products, at least the Indian government hopes it will.

No one does shopping quite like the USA. In America capitailsm is King and you can buy the best, and biggest, of everything. Probably. the UK clothes retailer has reported a mixed set of results today. Its loss making French shops helped to make a £55m loss.

In the UK, and other worldwide destinations, sales were up by a healthy margin, meaning that many women and men still buy their clothes at the chain of high street shops.

Borderfree experiences

A relatively little known company from the USA raised some money via IPO on the NY Stock Exchange (NYSE) a few days ago. The company is a shipping and logistics company called

Do you have any reviews of BorderFree or would like to share your experiences if you have shopped with them?

Valentine's Day 2012 Calendar

Red roses, chocolates, jewellery or perhaps a nice romantic, candlelit dinner for two? These are the things we usually treat our loved ones to in the Western World for Valentine’s Day.

But what do the old romantics in other parts of the world do? Is Valentine’s Day even celebrated, and does it have the same meaning?

Valentine’s Day started as a Christian celebration, in Rome, for one of a number of saints named Valentinus. It was only after Chaucer romanticised the day in a poem in 1382 that it became a celebration of romantic love.

Valentine's day is the 14th February 2014!

Have you bought your significant other a romantic present or gift? Are you planning on going out for a meal or will you cook something special at home?

Argentina is one of the emerging countries struggling in the present economic climate. As the US Fed continues its Taper, Argentina's currency reserves have fallen by about 30%. In an effort to try and stop the tide of money flowing out of the country they have introduced a number of restrictions on foreign currency transactions.

International sales at ASOS, the fashion retailer, were up 38% in the last quarter of 2013.

Driven mainly by EU sales, up 69%, international sales helped to boost the website's overall sales for the Christmas period. Uk sales were also up, by 37%.

We have had a successful outcome of our competition to win an Apple ipad mini with retina display. 

There were a few reviews successfully published and some members referred their friends and signed up to the email newsletter (which will start soon). Although some people posted to the forum, we have decided to suspend it until more people want to use it. Your points will still count going forward.

SuperGroup, the UK fashion brand loved by celebrities around the world has announced that its online international sales have soared, and for the first time outstripped sales in the domestic market.

Recently we have tweaked the shop pages to display more information about each shop's international shipping policies, and include more details about, such as, how they deal with import duties, if you can pay with a local currency, their delivery times and costs by region and their returns policy.

Today, November 29th 2013 is known, on the internet, to Christmas shoppers anyway, as Black Friday. It occurs the day after Thanksgiving in the USA. 

It is a popular day to get discounts and special offers at many shops online, as they know that people use the day for their Christmas shopping. There is another popular day Cyber Monday which many people use to buy stuff online, but we will stick to Black Friday for the time being.

ASOS is expanding, with its eigth country specific website, this time in China. The website will be at the domain name, and the plan is to open shop in Spring 2014. They closed this operation 2 years later in 2016.

Following on the heels of the announcement that several Australian retailers may open shop in London and the wider UK, we hear that J Crew, one of the big USA brands is opening a 17,000 square foot store in London's Regent Street - one of the nations high profile shopping streets - as well as stores in Brompton Cross and Lamb's Conduit.

I came across an interesting story on the website for The Evening Standard, which used to be London's local evening newspaper. The article is here

The article claims that lots of well known Australian brands are looking to set up shops in the UK. Perhaps they are looking to expand to other countries overseas too, but the article does not mention this? 

We want to be as useful as possible to people wishing to buy stuff from overseas.

Eid al-Adha, which falls on the 15th October 2013, commemorates the prophet Ibrahim's willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to a command from Allah (God), and also marks the end of the annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, is a major celebration in the Muslim word. 

If you are planning on doing your Christmas shopping online, like a lot of people this year, 2013, you will be interested to know when the last shipping dates are so you get your delivery before the day.

Tiananmen Square, National Day of the PRC, October 1, 2006

Today, Tuesday 1st October 2013, is National Day and the start of Golden Week (黄金周) in China, one of the the longest public holidays in the country.

According to Wikipedia "The Central People's Government passed the Resolution on the National Day of the People's Republic of China on December 2, 1949 and declared that October 1 is the National Day.

It can be quite difficult, sometimes, to find something on eBay, such as an iPhone, that can be shipped overseas, to your country.


Many shoppers, worldwide, have used the services of a freight forwarder or a US or European mailing address provider. Such as Aramex, ShipandShop and Borderlinx - and sometimes these are great.

But, how many people realise that many of the best UK, US and European shopping sites will deliver to most countries in the world directly, without using an intermediary?

Marks and Spencer's Autumn collection 2013 has been photographed by acclaimed snapper Annie Leibovitz, in a campaign called Britain's Leading Ladies.


PayPal and Neilsen Research have just produced a report into cross border shopping in 6 markets around the world. Neilsen analysed the behaviour over 6000 consumers in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, China and Brazil who shopped at overseas websites with the previous 12 months.

What did they find? - Well their findings are interesting and, perhaps not entirely surprising. Here is a breakdown of some of the figures for international shopping


Amazon has made some changes to their Super Saver Shipping offer in the UK. It is not certain, at this stage, what effects this will have on Amazon Global International Shipping, if any.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has wrapped up newly born baby Cambridge in an Aden + Anais swaddle.

Inevitably the UK press is reporting that they have just sold out!

Amazon Global, the international shipping arm of the US web giant now has included some extra Asian countries to its list of places it delivers globally to, notably Singapore and India.

Expectant mothers around the world are watching what Kate Middleton is wearing whilst pregnant, looking for inspiration or wardrobe ideas.

The UK government's business secretary, Vince Cable, today announced a raft of new measures to help global growth for the UK retail industry. 

The UK Retail Industry – International Action Plan, which was launched after the UKTI had extensive consultation with some of the largest UK retailers, sets out a 2 year action plan has 7 points of focus to help drive international shopping.

One of the longer lasting fashion trends of the moment is black and white stripes.

Valentine's Day 2012 Calendar

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day for 2013.


It is not just travellers who know that a strong or weak currency can be a blessing or a very expensive holiday! 

Importers and exporters too, live and die at the hands of the foreign exchange market; their goods are either cheap or expensive depending upon the strength or weakness of their currency.

Online Shopping Image by Mohamed Hassan


Hello, this is a new website, its aims are to help shoppers buy, over the internet from online shops and stores in different countries.

We are roaming the internet looking for the best shops with international delivery which we share with you in informative and fun articles. We will find best places to buy stuff as well as the cheapest prices, and advice and information regarding issues and problems, and how to solve them, should they arise.