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Job opportunities

Vacancies for writers and interns at include:

1. Article writer, international shopping.

2. Contributors.

3. Foreign Language writers & translators.

4. Interns.

1. Article writer.

We are looking for a writer with a good grasp of the English language who can write in an easy to read style to write articles for our News and Advice sections.

News articles will be about what is happening in the world of international shopping, ideas for things to buy and details of the best shops that deliver to different countries. Advice articles off information and tips on how best to buy something online from abroad, what to watch out for and how to get the best price and service, and how to navigate the world of import duties and taxes.

Articles will be displayed on the site and summaries and tips will be posted in the email newsletter.

A good grasp of written English and an ability to check facts and write accurate information is essential, an understanding of shopping from overseas shops and websites all over the world is desirable, as is a knowledge of HTML and working with website CMS.

Writers will have their own bio page and can link back to their own blogs and websites.

If you are interested in writing for, please get in touch using the contact form for more information and a full job description.

2. Contributors

We are happy to accept contributions from writers and users on a paid for submission basis. We are looking for good informative articles and tips about international shopping from all over the world in many different languages to help our members and visitors. The requirement for articles is the same as for the article writer (above).

We will pay if the article meets our requirements and is published. Contributors will have their own bio page where they can link back to their own blogs and websites.

Interested? Please get in touch using the contact form.

3. Foreign language writers & translators. is a resource for shoppers all over the world.

We currently have vacancies for writers who can write articles in different languages, and translators who can translate existing articles and advice from English to foreign languages.

Applications from writers and translators in all languages are welcome, in particular, Russian, French, Portugese, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Arabic and Hindi.

For more information and applications please contact us using the contact form.

4. Interns. – Currently not available. 

 If you are interested in any of the above job positions please get in touch using the contact form.







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