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International Coupon Codes

This is the page for international voucher, promo, and coupon codes. We list as many of the codes for shops in the USA, UK, Europe and other countries as possible.

Discounts, deals, coupon codes and promotions for shops that offer international shipping. Save money on your worldwide delivery shopping here by using one of these discounts or codes.

Many of the coupon codes offer free worldwide shipping or delivery, or are details of money off for sales or special promotions. Codes can be entered at checkout to apply a special offer, and can be used by anyone throughout the world, unless otherwise stated. 

We try to keep the offers as up to date as possible, but sometimes we miss one or two and other times the shops change or stop a promotion without informing us.

Sometimes offers are extended, so even if the coupon code says it has expired there is a chance that it hasn’t.

Happy international shopping.

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Owner of MyInternationalShopping. I started this website after I moved to NZ as a way of helping others to shop internationally. My background is in web development, e-commerce and digital marketing.

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