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Information about guidelines for submitting user reviews, comments and submissions to Our aim is for the information on this website to be as accurate and as unbiased as possible.

General guidelines.

Leave a review for a shop with worldwide delivery or international shipping.’s aim is to help others easily find shops with good international shipping policies. 

One great way to do this is to allow our members to post about their international shopping experiences. You are able to leave reviews of the shops you have used and share this information with others. We offer this service for free and it can be done anonymously.

But, we want to make sure that this information is accurate, genuine and easy to understand.

We are not going to quibble, too much, over grammar and spelling, but in order for other users to understand the reviews they should be reasonably well written, in English, and this will make them more useful.

We do reserve the right to correct grammar and spelling if we believe the review would benefit from it.

User Review Guidelines

  • Inappropriate information – We will not publish reviews that contain swear words, hate, threats or rudeness.
  • Promotional content – We will not publish reviews that we believe have been written by or directly for the business owner. Genuine shopping experiences from customers only please!
  • Personal experience – We wish to hear about your international shopping experience, when you shopped at an online store from overseas, and had the items delivered internationally to your address. We want reviews to be about your own genuine shopping experience, good or bad. We don’t want you to write about what your friend bought, or what you think of their website if you have never used it.

Tips for writing a useful review.

  1. Write about your own shopping experience.
  2. Tell others what you bought.
  3. Which country did you get it delivered to?
  4. Did the item(s) arrive as you expected, was it late or early?
  5. What condition was it in when it arrived.
  6. Was their website easy to use, could you pay in your own currency, did they have your own language?
  7. Did you return the item, if so, how was the experience?
  8. Would you use the shop again and would you recommend it to others?
  9. We will publish good, bad and indifferent reviews, all are treated equally.

When will we not publish or remove a review?

  1. We reserve the right not to publish a review that we do not believe to be a true representation of a shopper shopping at an online overseas shop.
  2. We are looking for individual shopping experiences, a general website review that does not include details of an overseas purchase might not be published.
  3. If we are notified or decide that a review was posted by a shop owner, or an agent of a shop owner.
  4. If we do not believe that the review describes an actual real life shopping event.

We don’t wish to stifle your creative energies, these are only tips, you can write your review however you like but, we prefer reviews about specific shopping experiences that are well written and informative. If you have used the shop twice you can leave two separate reviews for each purchase with worldwide delivery.

Remember please, ultimately, that the reviews are there to help other shoppers.

Editor Reviews

Editor reviews are different to user reviews. Editor reviews are written by the editor at and they focus on rating the shop based upon their shipping and returns policy. More information about editor reviews.






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