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How to add to an already placed Amazon order

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Ordering online with is quick and easy. They have reduced the shopping cart process to its bare minimum, with one click ordering buy now button means you can have your shopping done in minutes. But what if you have completed your order and then realized that you have forgotten something? How do you add to your existing order on Amazon?

Can I add to an existing order?

The short answer is no, you cannot add to an existing order. Once your order is placed and paid for, it is not possible to edit the order to add another item. There are many reasons why you can’t combine an order once it is placed, one is that you might be ordering from two different sellers, for instance. You can change your delivery address before the item has been shipped but not the items in your order unless you cancel and reorder. If you are wanting to save money on shipping fees by combining the order, you will have to cancel the order and then reorder the products you want again.

How to add to your existing Amazon order.

These steps are how you can add items to your order before you reach checkout and the order is placed.

1. Browse around Amazon’s products or use the searchbox to find the product you are looking to buy.

2. Click on the Add to Cart button on the right side of the product’s page. This will add the product to your shopping cart. If you have now completed your shopping you should Proceed to Checkout to select your delivery address and complete payment.

3. If you wish to add to your order, you simply need to find the next product you wish to buy. This can be done by using the searchbox at the top of the page or by drilling down through the categories to hunt down the additional item you wish to add to your cart.

4. Once you have found the item, simply repeat step 2 and Add to Cart.

5. Repeat the process of finding the product and Adding to Cart for each product you wish to buy.

6. Once you have finished adding every item you desire to your cart you can simply Proceed to Checkout and complete your order, you may be asked to enter your password for security reasons.

7. Deleting an item. If you have changed your mind or added an item to your car in error and you want to cancel and remove an item from your Amazon shopping cart, you will need to proceed to the Cart and then under the dropdown box for Quantity, select 0 (Delete). This will remove the product from your cart.

Ordering your shopping on Amazon is easy and you can be sure of good customer service. You can only add to existing order before it is completed and while all your products are still in your shopping cart, follow the steps above to combine your items into the same order.


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