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Free worldwide shipping

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Conditions ($USD)


More details


Over minimum spend – varies

Eligible countries

Free over about $180 spend

Eligible countries


Free on all orders

Most countries


Minimum spend – about $50

Free to most countries

Minimum spend – about $30 (varies)

Most countries

Minimum about $100

Free to about 5 territories


Minimum about $100

Most countries

Over $60

Most countries


Selected products, displayed on product.

Most countries

Many shops will offer free international shipping, normally if you spend over a certain amount, the minimum spend threshold.

This minimum spend makes it worthwhile for the store to offer free delivery to other countries because they know they will cover the shipping cost.

A list of considerations when buying something online from overseas

  • Check the currency conversion (foreign exchange) rates so you know how much you are spending in your own currency. Many shops can display the price in the currency you select.
  • Research the store’s reputation and reviews to make sure you are getting what you expect.
  • Check the shipping costs and delivery times to make sure you are getting a good deal. Read their shipping policy page, we have linked to the above shops.
  • Make sure you understand the international return policy in case you need to return the item or claim a refund.
  • Check to see if the item is subject to any customs fees or taxes, and if so, how much. Sometimes the store can arrange payment for duties, otherwise you will be required to pay import duty when you receive the item.
  • Ensure the item is legal in your country.