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  • Navigating Overseas Shopping with vPost.

    Navigating Overseas Shopping with vPost.

    Singaporean online shoppers often face limitations when dealing with international retailers. Some stores either don’t ship to Singapore at all, or charge exorbitant fees, and these costs mount up if you wish to buy multiple items. vPost, a service by Singapore Post, aims to bridge this gap by offering package forwarding solutions to shoppers in…

  • A Shopper’s Guide to Using DHL easySHOP for Purchases from the USA or UK

    A Shopper’s Guide to Using DHL easySHOP for Purchases from the USA or UK

    buying online to the Arab Gulf States from the US or UK, you’ll nned to know about DHL easyshop.

  • OPAS & Planet Express To Merge – Here’s What You Need to Know!

    OPAS & Planet Express To Merge – Here’s What You Need to Know!

    Opas and Planet Express package forwarders have announced a merger, what does this mean for international shoppers?

  • Opas Reviews

    Opas Reviews

    OPAS, or Overseas Personal Address Service, is an overseas address company and package forwarder which provides shopping and mailing addresses in the USA and Japan.

  • Viabox Reviews

    Viabox Reviews

    Viabox USA address service and package forwarder. Viabox only charge for the shipping fees for your purchases from US retailers delivered to their Oregon warehouse and forwarded internationally. They provide shipping from the major shipping companies.

  • ReShip Reviews

    ReShip Reviews

    ReShip package forwarding

  • Bongo International

    Bongo International

    Bongo International (Bongous) charge $5 per shipment that you send to them from a retailer for forwarding on to yourself. They have addresses in the USA, Europe (EU) and, differently to most other forwarders, S. America. They claim to ship around the world, but it is difficult to see exactly what their fees are, although…

  • Stackry Reviews

    Stackry Reviews

    Stackry is based in Massachusetts USA and are a global shipping company and international parcel forwarding provider. They will provide shoppers with a USA shopping address and will forward packages on all over the world. Stackry use 4 different carriers to offer a range of shipping options to suit most budgets and timelines. Get a…

  • USGoBuy Reviews

    USGoBuy Reviews

    Read and leave reviews here. UsGoBuy ships your USA shopping to most countries in the world, they have a simple fee structure and offer many services for free. You can choose to pay with paypal, and they also offer a concierge service so that they buy your shopping called BuyForMe.

  • Shipito Reviews

    Shipito Reviews

    Shipito international shopping and shipping offer a USA address for delivery for your shopping and will forward your packages on to any country in the world. Please write or read user reviews here. They have two levels of services, an occasional use which is free and a virtual mailbox with additional services for $10 a…

  • MyUS Reviews

    MyUS Reviews

    Read or write a review about MyUS shipping is a USA based forwarding and overseas virtual address company. They claim you can shop the US from 220 countries. They work on a membership model with 3 levels of services according to the amount you pay. 

  • Aramex Shop and Ship Reviews

    Aramex Shop and Ship Reviews

    Aramex is a logistics and shipping company based in Dubai, please leave a review of your experiences. Shop and ship is the name and website of the mail and freight forwarding and overseas address service. Theu provide addresses in a large number of countries with which you can use to shop. You can have your…

  • Borderlinx Reviews

    Borderlinx Reviews

    Write or browse our user reviews or compare with other package forwarding companies. Borderlinx will give you a virtual UK, European, Chinese and USA address. You can shop at any European shop with the UK address. Their services include the arrangement for payment of any duties that might be applicable, a concierge service to…

  • vPost Reviews

    vPost Reviews

    vPost is a mail forwarding and shipping services that is operated by Singapore Post. They will ship to five different countries, Australia, Singapore, India, Malaysia and Thailand. You get virtual overseas addresses in Japan, China, Europe and USA. They can arrange declaration of packages for import duties and taxes, vPost can repackage for you for…

  • comGateway Reviews

    comGateway Reviews

    comGateway (reviews and user experiences) focuses on shopping in the USA and ships to over 200 countries around the world. comGateway can buy on your behalf, if your chosen shop does not accept your payment method. They offer sales tax free shopping because of there location in Oregon, USA. They will also repack and combine…