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International shopping: How to take advantage of a sales tax holiday in the US

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As an overseas shopper, taking advantage of a US state’s sales tax holiday requires some careful planning and understanding of the rules and regulations in the state where the holiday is being observed. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you make the most of a US sales tax holiday:

  1. Check the Sales Tax Holiday Schedule: First, find out which states will be holding a sales tax holiday during your planned shopping period. Different states have varying dates and eligible items for their tax holidays.
  2. Research Eligible Items: Look into the specific items that qualify for tax exemptions during the sales tax holiday. States often exempt specific items like clothing, school supplies, computers, energy-efficient products, and disaster preparedness supplies. Understand the maximum cost thresholds for each item category.
  3. Verify Eligibility for Overseas Shoppers: Some states may require you to be a US resident to participate in the sales tax holiday. Check if there are any specific restrictions for overseas shoppers.
  4. Choose a US Package Forwarder: To have your tax-free purchases shipped to your country, select a reliable package forwarder based in the US. Ensure that they are familiar with handling tax-exempt purchases during the sales tax holiday.
  5. Shop Online from Eligible Retailers: Research and shop from US-based online retailers that participate in the sales tax holiday. Make sure they have the items you want and offer international shipping.
  6. Understand Shipping Policies: Check the shipping policies of the US online stores. Some may not ship certain items internationally, or there might be additional fees for international shipping.
  7. Use a US Shipping Address: During the checkout process, use the US address provided by your package forwarder as the shipping address. This will ensure that your tax-free purchases are delivered to the package forwarder’s warehouse. Compare forwarders with a website like Forwarders Compare to find the cheapest and best package forwarder.
  8. Consolidate and Ship: If you plan to make multiple purchases from different stores, consider consolidating your packages to save on international shipping costs. The package forwarder can combine all your purchases into a single shipment.
  9. Pay Attention to Customs Regulations: Be aware of your home country’s customs regulations and any import duties or taxes that may apply. Some countries may still impose taxes on imported items, even if they were purchased tax-free in the US.
  10. Track and Receive Your Package: Stay informed about the shipment’s progress and track your package as it makes its way to your doorstep. Once it arrives, you can enjoy your tax-free purchases!

Remember, each state’s sales tax holiday may have unique rules, so it’s essential to research and plan accordingly. By following these steps, you can make the most of a US state’s sales tax holiday and save money on your international shopping spree. Happy tax-free shopping!






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