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MyInternationalShopping is an Amazon Associate and we can earn compensation when you click on some links. is an online platform developed by the UK government to assist businesses in expanding internationally. The platform aims to promote UK goods and services to potential buyers and investors worldwide. It provides a range of services and resources to support businesses in their international ventures. was launched in 2016, and expanded in 2019. It replaced a previous UK government program called: The UK Retail Industry – International Action Plan, here is our explainer on the international action plan from 2013., developed by the UK government, has undergone a transformation with a new vision focused on helping first-time exporters sell, ship, and receive payments.

The platform aims to provide personalized content to users by leveraging dynamic and static data inputs. It utilizes data-driven functionalities and cutting-edge technology to guide businesses in making informed exporting decisions.

The team emphasizes a shared vision, multidisciplinary collaboration, and extensive user research. They have conducted numerous user testing sessions and aim to create an engaging and valuable experience for their target audience.

The platform’s goal is to increase the number of businesses successfully exporting, which would have a significant impact on exports and provide a return on investment. Integration with other DIT and government services is also being explored.

What are the key features and aspects of

  1. Exporting guidance: offers comprehensive guidance and resources to help UK businesses navigate the process of exporting. It provides information on export documentation, regulations, customs procedures, and market access requirements for various countries.
  2. Export opportunities: The platform allows businesses to explore and access export opportunities in different markets. It provides a database of international trade leads, tenders, and partnerships, enabling UK companies to connect with potential buyers and expand their customer base.
  3. Find an exporter: includes a directory where UK businesses can showcase their products and services. This directory enables international buyers to search for specific UK exporters and connect with them directly.
  4. Export finance and insurance: The platform offers information and access to various financial support options for exporters. It provides guidance on export finance, insurance, and guarantees available to mitigate risks and facilitate international trade.
  5. Trade missions and events: organizes and promotes trade missions, events, and exhibitions to help businesses establish connections and explore international markets. These initiatives provide opportunities for networking, business matchmaking, and knowledge sharing.
  6. Digital services: The platform includes digital tools and services to assist businesses in their exporting efforts. It offers tools for market research, e-commerce, and online promotion to enhance the digital presence and visibility of UK exporters.

Overall, serves as a central hub for UK businesses seeking to expand globally. It aims to simplify the process of international trade by providing valuable resources, connections, and support to help businesses seize opportunities and overcome challenges in the global marketplace.

How can I contact

Contact is done through your local trade office, where you can speak with a trade adviser. This link will help you to locate your local trade office in the UK.

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