Why is my Amazon package missing?

Solution: Help my Amazon order never arrived!

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If you are facing the situation where your package shows as delivered but you cannot locate it, there are several steps you can take to find your missing package. Here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Verify the Shipping Address

Double-check the shipping address listed in ‘Your Orders’ on Amazon. Ensure that it matches your current address and that there are no errors or typos.

Step 2: Look for a Notice of Attempted Delivery

Check for any notices left by the carrier indicating an attempted delivery. Sometimes, the carrier may leave a note if they were unable to deliver the package directly to you. Bear in mind it may have blown away or got moved somehow.

Step 3: Search the Delivery Location

Thoroughly search around the delivery location, including your porch, mailbox, or any other area where packages are typically placed. Sometimes, the package may have been left in an inconspicuous spot for safety or to avoid theft.

Step 4: Inquire with Neighbours

If it is safe to do so, check with your neighbors to see if they may have received the package by mistake. Sometimes, packages can be accidentally delivered to nearby addresses.

Step 5: Contact the Carrier

Reach out to the relevent carrier for your package’s delivery and inquire if they have any additional information about its location. They might be able to provide more details or clarify any confusion regarding the delivery.

Step 6: Check Multiple Carriers

In some cases, packages may travel through multiple carriers during the shipping process. If you know that your package was handed off to a different carrier, you can also check with them to see if they have any updates or information.

Step 7: Allow 48 Hours (wait 2 days)

Sometimes, packages may show as delivered up to 48 hours before they actually arrive. While this is rare, it’s worth waiting for a couple of days to see if the package shows up during this period. Allow some flexibility.

If you have bought something with international shipping, it may be delayed at customs, please read this guide for help.

Step 8: Contact Amazon Support

If you haven’t been able to locate your package after going through the above steps, contact Amazon customer service within 30 days of the expected delivery date. They will assist you further and do everything they can to help resolve the issue.

Note: If the order was sold and shipped by a third-party seller, it’s recommended to contact the seller directly for assistance. You can find their contact information on the Contact a Third-Party Seller page.

By following these steps, you increase your chances of finding a missing package that shows as delivered. Remember to act promptly and contact the necessary parties to resolve the issue in a timely manner.


If, after receiving the package you decide you don’t want it anymore, you maybe able to return it to Amazon.






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