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SHEIN, what does in transit mean?

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I have bought an item and have been expecting delivery, but I am getting the message Stuck In Transit! – Help!

International shipping

SHEIN offer low-cost international shipping to many countries and sometimes free shipping over a certain spend.

Delivery times vary according to country and they give you an estimated time of delivery when you browse. have warehouses in Asia and delivery time is often longer than specified.

You can expect your package to arrive within the following time-frame, if not stuck in transit.

For SHEIN International Shipping ,shipping time-frame:

  • Standard Shipping:14-15 days
  • Express Shipping:8-9 days

What does ‘In Transit’ mean SHEIN?

Once you have placed your order with SHEIN and they have packed your item it can be marked as ‘in transit’ this means that your product is with the courier and is on its way to you. This is the meaning of still in transit.

You may receive the message “ In Transit- Arrived at Local Courier Facility”

Order tracking

While your order is in transit, you should be able to track the parcel using SHEIN tracking, you will need to:

  • Login to My Account – click on My Orders
  • In My orders click on View Details
  • Select Track to view the current status of your package
  • To earn bonus points simply confirm delivery when it has arrived

What does ‘Stuck in Transit’ mean?

If you have ordered from overseas, there are a number of reasons why your package may be stuck in transit. The answers for stuck in transit are varied.

It could be:

  • at customs needing more information before being accepted
  • with the courier awaiting delivery.

Your package could be in transit for the last mile, out with the delivering courier to be delivered to your address.

How long?

How long your order stays in transit depends upon if there were any issues with delivery and which country to are having the items delivered to. This may well be for longer than a week if you are having clothes shipped to a far away country from their warehouse. Items could be in transit for longer than they originally estimated if this is the case.

Usually the best course of action is to wait 24-48 hours to see if the package is delivered, if not, speak to their customer service. The customer service number varies between countries, so try their online service. They have an online live chat which is the best way to ask SHEIN the meaning of your package still in transit.

What if my order never arrives?

If your SHEIN order never arrives is is moved from stuck in transit, you may have to request customer service to order a reshipment. SHEIN will then re-send the item to you.

Need SHEIN order help?

If you are having delivery issues or your SHEIN item is stuck in transit for longer than the estimated delivery time, we recommend getting in touch with SHEIN customer service.

The link to their customer service and contact us page is:

The SHEIN website should be able to identify your country, but you may need to login in to your account in order to provide your order details.


Please leave your experiences and meaning of in transit with SHEIN in the comments section below.






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